Mike Pence Says Republican Party Is ‘Last Line Of Defense For Our Constitution’


Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke out on Thursday to say that the Democrat Party’s agenda is “so radical that it is taking us ‘beyond’ the designs of liberalism,” adding that the Republican Party stands as the “last line of defense for our Constitution and our American heritage of freedom.”

While visiting the Reagan Library in Southern California as part of “The Time For Choosing” series, Pence gave a speech in which he warned that it is not enough to stand as the opposition to the radical left’s agenda.

Pence Sounds Off 

“President Trump taught us what Republicans can accomplish when leaders stand firm on conservative principles and don’t back down,” Pence said.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has an agenda that is “so radical that it is taking us beyond just the designs of liberalism” to an agenda of national decline. Pence then highlighted Trump’s warning that a nation without borders is not a nation before blasting Joe Biden’s administration for unleashing what he described as the “worst crisis in history on our southern border.”

Pence went on to talk about how important it is to embrace Trump’s “America First” agenda”

“Meanwhile, our manufacturing base was hollowed out; many of our citizens were impoverished; the American working class was gutted; billions, possibly even trillions of dollars’ worth of technology, innovation, and productivity were stolen; and …  some of our most critical supply chains were off-shored, with ominous consequences for economic security and the well-being of our people,” he said.

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Pence Slams China 

Pence described China as the “greatest threat” to America’s prosperity, security, and values, adding that the Trump administration was the first to recognize this.

“Going forward our party and our nation must continue to recognize that the greatest threat we face to our economy and more, is the Chinese Communist Party,” Trump said. “We must continue to stand up to China to defend our prosperity, security, and values and the Republican Party must lead the way.”

Pence also said that we need to fight back against the left’s efforts to “rewrite American history through initiatives like the 1619 Project, and in the spirit of our administration’s 1776 Commission, the Republican Party in the years ahead must make school choice the right of every American …  and eliminate Critical Race Theory at every level.”

“Critical Race Theory teaches children as young as kindergarten to be ashamed of their skin color,” he continued. “It represents a full-throated assault aimed at the heart of the American Experiment, and it’s nothing more than state-sponsored and state-sanctioned racism. Our Party must ensure that Critical Race Theory is expelled from our schools, our military, and our public institutions.”

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Pence Addresses Republicans 

Pence explained that the GOP needs to realize that the Republican Party has become the “last line of defense for our Constitution and our American heritage of freedom.”

“We live in a time when the leaders in the Democratic Party routinely demean the American founding; Today, Democrats seek to rewrite our Constitution, our Second Amendment, to redefine the liberties enshrined in our Bill of Rights through their efforts to pack the Supreme Court and advance their radical agenda,” he said.

“As we forge an American Agenda for the future of our party, we must make it clear that the Republican Party will always defend the principles at the heart of our Republic. If we don’t, no one else will,” Pence continued. 

“In the years ahead, the American people must know that our Republican Party will always keep our oath to the Constitution; even when it would be politically expedient to do otherwise,” Pence said. “That we are the party that, as the Bible says, will keep our oath, even when it hurts.”

This piece was written by James Samson on June 25, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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