Vice President Mike Pence threw down the gauntlet at a rally in Georgia on Thursday in support of incumbent Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

The VP told a raucous crowd that President Trump and the GOP are pursuing “American greatness,” while the Democrats policies would guarantee American decline.

Pence has used that specific line before, but this time he was singling out Georgia Senate Democrat candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff who are seeking Loeffler and Perdue’s GOP seats in Georgia’s January 5 runoff election.

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Pence Touts GOP Incumbents In High Stakes Georgia Races

Whoever wins the two U.S. Senate races will determine if Republicans maintain control of the Senate. If the GOP loses, and President Biden prevails in the presidential election, the Democrats would hold a trifecta.

Pence said of Perdue, “I’m here because of who these people are.”

“David Perdue is the son of Macon (Georgia),” Pence said. “He worked his way to the top of the business world, and he could have spent the rest of his life in leisure.”

“But as you heard his cousin say, he and his family went to their knees and found a calling to serve,” Pence added.

Pence On Perdue: ‘I Don’t Know Of A More Principled Conservative Man Of Integrity’

The vice president then touted Perdue’s public service.

“After 40 years as one of the most successful business leaders in America, he answered the call to serve Georgia in the United States Senate,” Pence continued. “And I can tell you, I have served alongside him.”

“I don’t know of a more principled conservative man of integrity or champion of President Trump’s agenda in the United Sates than Sen. David Perdue,” Pence praised the senator.

Pence Praises Loeffler’s Courage And Principles

Pence then heaped praise on GOP Senator Loeffler.

Pence said that Loeffler has become “one of the most courageous and principled voices in the United States Senate” even after serving less than a year in that body.

Loeffler was appointed to her seat in 2019 after incumbent Johnny Isakson resigned, due to health concerns. 

He called Loeffler “one of the most successful businesswomen in Georgia’s history.”

Touting Perdue and Loeffler together, Pence said, “Where David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler stand for a strong national defense, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are going to cut our national defense to fund big government.”

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Pence: ‘Our Agenda Is American Greatness; Their Agenda Is American Decline’

Pence continued to pound Perdue and Loeffler’s Democrat challengers.

“Where David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler cut taxes, Jon Ossoff and radical liberal Raphael Warnock will raise taxes on working families and businesses,” Pence decalred.

“Where David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler support our military, Raphael Warnock has demeaned our military,” Pence added.

“Our agenda is American greatness; their agenda is American decline.” 

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The vice president accused Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock of wanting to “advance an agenda of socialism and higher taxes, of open borders, government takeover of health care, Green New Deal, defunding the police.”

“We’re going to keep Georgia, and then we’re going to save America; let’s go get it done, Georgia!” Pence finished.