Today is Vice President Mike Pence’s 59th birthday. And while the VP is busy helping President Trump make America great again, we thought it was best to remind our readers of what a great vice president we have.

Here are 7 reasons we love Mike Pence.

1. He stepped up to become Donald Trump’s running mate in the 2016 campaign

When Donald Trump bulldozed his way through the Republican primary field in 2015, few established lawmakers were willing to support him. In fact, Trump, due to his non-Republican positions on trade and war, was practically anathema to the party establishment. But when Mike Pence was vetted as a potential VP candidate and was asked to be his running mate, he actually answered the call, risking his entire political career.

2. He’s a dedicated Christian

That Mike Pence is a pious man of faith is not a secret. He was once quoted as saying, “My Christian faith is probably the most important thing in my life.” The left regularly trashes Pence for being such an unapologetic man of God. Part of the liberal attack strategy against Pence was painting him as a theocratic Roman overlord hell-bent on imposing orthodox Christian beliefs on the nation. That was a nasty exaggeration, of course.

3. He was the first sitting vice president to address the March for Life

Pence doesn’t fake his Christian identity – he wears it directly on his sleeve. He also doesn’t feign his pro-life views, and that was demonstrated when Pence addressed the March for Life, the largest gathering of pro-life Americans in the country, last year. (RELATED: Mike Pence to be First Sitting Vice President to Speak at March for Life).

4. He drives the left batty 

We all know the media is out to get Trump and his entire administration. That includes Vice President Pence, of course. Liberals hate Pence because he’s an ardent conservative who isn’t afraid to proclaim his love of God in public. The Left’s hatred of Pence is so bad, in fact, that a New York Times reporter was caught calling him “f***ing horrible.” (RELATED: New York Times Editor Caught on Camera Calling Vice President Mike Pence “F***ing Horrible”).

5. He’s a lover of animals and has a ton of pets

The Pence family is a lover of animals, and that’s nowhere more evident than in the Vice President’s residence where all their fuzzy friends live. (RELATED: Media Pounces On Pence Family After Loss Of Beloved Cat Pickle) “We’re just pet people,” said Second Lady Karen Pence. Just last year, the family added two more cuddly companions:

6. He loves the troops

Even during his time in Congress, Mike Pence was always a patriot who put our fighting forces first. And he’s only increased his devotion to the troops since becoming vice president. VP Pence regularly meets with the men and women who protect our country. (VP Mike Pence Made Surprise Visit to Wish Troops in Afghanistan a Merry Christmas). Make sure you watch him grabbing lunch with some troops stationed in Hawaii below:

7. He comes from humble roots

A simple man of the Midwest, Mike Pence wasn’t raised like most politicians, with a silver spoon and a seat reserved for him in Congress. His father was actually a gas station owner and veteran who fought in the Korean War. In fact, his father wasn’t exactly excited about the idea of his son being a politician. But he eventually supported him!

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