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Michigan Senate Considering Bill to Limit Gun-Free Zones

Weeks after the massacre in Las Vegas carried out by Stephen Paddock, all gun control measures proposed in the wake of it have failed in Congress.

After it was revealed that Paddock used bump stocks to increase how fast he could shoot, there initially seemed to be wide bipartisan support for regulating these accessories that could allegedly turn semi-automatic weapons into fully-automatic weapons. Even the NRA said they’d be willing to consider regulating bump stocks.

But as with most pushes for gun control, it’s already fallen by the wayside.

Meanwhile, following Sunday’s shooting at a church in Texas, Michigan is opting to make it easier for potential victims to fight back. As we reported earlier this week, while there’s no shortage of celebrity idiots claiming that the “NRA has blood on their hands,” no mass public shootings have been carried out by known NRA members, and the man who fired back at and chased away the shooter, thereby ending the massacre, was an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

According to Fox News, “the Republican-controlled Michigan Senate on Tuesday began passing legislation to let people with extra training carry guns inside churches, schools and other places now off limits. The bills were approved by a committee on 3-2 party-line votes. Republican Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed legislation in 2012 that would have allowed concealed pistol license holders with additional training to carry in gun-free zones.”

More from the report: “‘Anybody who wants to exercise their right to protect themselves and have a firearm should be able to do that where they need to,’ said Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof of West Olive, a sponsor of the main measure. Gun-free zones, he said, are a ‘target-rich environment.’ He said while he had already planned to hold the hearing this week, the Texas shooting reinforced the need to proceed.”

A report in the Crime Prevention Research Center from January found that “from the 1950’s through July 10th of 2016, 98.4 percent of mass shootings have occurred on gun-free zones, with just 1.6 percent occurring where citizens are allowed to have firearms with them.”

Obviously, that’s changed with Sunday’s shooting, which was not in a gun-free zone. Additionally, it would’ve been much worse had there not been the aforementioned NRA firearms instructor to fire back.

Concealed carry laws also generally reduce crime – so increasing the number of places permit holders can carry will only help.

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