In today’s political landscape, it seems like anything even remotely conservative is branded “far-right” by the left, while left-wing views are treated as if they’re the default.

The media is advertising a supposedly “non-partisan” organization that Michelle Obama is backing ahead of the midterms, but the organization is not only partisan, it’s explicitly partisan in one direction. The group is called “When We All Vote” and aims to register as many people as possible to vote before the midterms.

The group has an $8 million budget, which will be raised through corporate sponsorships and foundation grants. In other words, by all the non-traditional funding methods that Democrats have generally spoken out against.

As the Daily Wire reported, everyone running the organization is a Democrat.


Michelle Obama (Democrat). Tom Hanks (Democrat). Lin-Manuel Miranda (Democrat). Janelle Monáe (Democrat). Chris Paul (Democrat). Faith Hill (Democrat). Tim McGraw (Democrat).

President of the board:

Valerie Jarrett (Democrat, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama).


Tina Tchen (Democrat, former chief of staff to Michelle Obama).

Board Member:

Pete Rouse (Democrat, a former senior adviser to President Obama).


Kyle Lierman (Democrat, former senior policy adviser to the Obama White House).

And unsurprisingly, all the major non-corporate donors are Democrats too. Despite that fact, the media has been describing Michelle’s efforts as “non-partisan” as soon as it was known she’d be politically active for the midterms with this group earlier in July.

Michelle has said that Trump’s presidential victory has caused her to lose hope in America, and of course, she thinks that because Trump has made it his explicit goal to reverse the Obama legacy. And as we’ve already seen, reversing that legacy means unprecedented economic growth, the defeat of ISIS, among many other accomplishments. Though my favorite “accomplishment” of the Obama legacy, and one I hope Trump doesn’t end, was a net loss of 1,042 state and federal Democrat seats, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships, and the presidency.

Those gains are only set to continue. Republicans have been out-fundraising Democrats ahead of the midterms, and Democrats are losing ground in swing States like Florida, where the number of registered Democrats is down 2% since 2016.