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Though this might sound crazy to many, Moore gave a long explanation for why he believes the far-left Democratic congresswomen and their branding could be Democrats key to victory.

Moore’s Theory

“Well, first of all, Michigan has a long history, as does Wisconsin and Minnesota, the upper Midwest, of what you would call socialism or Democratic socialism or farm labor Democratic Party,” Moore said. “We’ve never trusted the banks or the large corporations.”

“General Motors was founded in Flint, Michigan, in 1908,” he continued. “A year of General Motors trying to turn this into a company town, people were so upset at it, in the next election. Flint elected a socialist mayor to remove the pro-G.M. mayor when the corporation first began. So that’s who we are.”

Moore went on, “And the 13th district that Rashida Tlaib represents also has a strong history of — sadly right now it’s the third poorest congressional district in the country.”

Should Omar Apologize for Her Anti-American Remarks?

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“But it also has another history,” he continued. “The congressman back in 1972 — I remember this. I was a senior in high school. Charles Diggs was his name. He’s one of the founders of the Congressional Black Caucus. He represented Rashida Tlaib’s district in the ’70s. And he wanted to go and see the situation in South Africa. And the South African government would not give him a visa, and they banned him from visiting the country.”

“So all these years later to have our congresswoman from the 13th district in Detroit facing a similar thing, what is it that they’re afraid that they’re going to see? What is it that — what doesn’t the Israeli government — I mean I watched earlier Ali Velshi had on one the refused things, one of the Israeli army veterans,” Moore continued. “And he said, I was going to be her guide through Hebron, and I was going to take her down the main street of Hebron, where it’s now vacant. All the shops are gone. The Israeli army calls it a sterile street. That’s what he said right on this network, a sterile street because there are no Arabs around. Our members of Congress need to see that, and that’s what unfortunately they’re not going to be able to.”

That’s a lengthy explanation, and obviously Michael Moore believes history favors The Squad and Democrats. Time will tell.

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