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Michael Moore Fires Back at Trump Jr.’s Mockery

Thanks to Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians for their interference in the 2016 election, we know that Michael Moore accidentally colluded with the Russians more than any member of the Trump campaign.

The government alleged in the indictment that the defendants organized a protest on November 12, 2016, called “Trump is NOT my President” in New York. According to the indictment, their “strategic goal” was to “sow discord in the U.S. political system.”

From the protest, Moore tweeted: “At today’s Trump Tower protest. He wouldn’t come down.”

He tweeted out a photo from the Russian-organized event below:

After it was revealed that Moore had been at an anti-Trump rally organized by the Russians, Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t help but make fun of Moore.

He retweeted an article confirming Moore’s participation in the Russian-organized rally, simply writing “Amazing.”

Moore wasn’t pleased – and despite Mueller’s investigation finding no evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government, Moore apparently didn’t get the memo, warning Trump Jr. that he’s going to be betrayed by his father when his non-existent crimes are exposed.

“Don Jr—here’s what’s amazing. When Mueller takes you &your brother-in-law away in chains, &then he offers your dad this deal- ‘Resign the presidency now & we’ll let Don Jr & Jared go’- you’re going to find out what a sociopath your father is as he throws his own son under the bus,” Moore posted.

The two have gone back-and-forth on Twitter before.

During last year’s hurricane season, Moore chided the President, asking if he’d opened up Mar-a-Lago as a shelter.

“It’s on an island on both the ocean & intercostal and in a mandatory evacuation zone… probably not the best idea, but you know, narrative!” Trump Jr. fired back.

Moore’s narratives are making less and less sense by the day.

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