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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. dragonfire says:

    I don’t think they think they will have to pay for the hatred and words to her. It is considered “murder” if one causes another’s cheeks to flush. It is because the blood rushes to the cheeks and when you insult, embarrass, talk about unseemly things, vile things, evil things, and causes discomfort, then it is considered murder.

  2. Mr&MrsF says:

    Marjorie posting: If Melania were an illegal alien they would think she was brilliant even if she was a dumb as a box of rocks. Shameful. Democrats are so stupid, and yet they feel compelled to point fingers and call this smart woman stupid, just because she has an accent, who is a Legal U.S. citizen, and know 7 languages. Most democrats can’t manage English very well. Oh, I forgot, they think everyone in the U.S. should speak Spanish. BS.

  3. Nikola's says:

    Just as they attack her, her poll numbers begin to rise. They will never learn.

  4. Gordon says:

    What’s this about her accent? She didn’t grow up in Brooklyn, you know. I, for one, find it fresh and interesting, and I hope she doesn’t start sounding like a New Yorker.

  5. stageangel says:

    Perhaps, those bullying lefty’s should be the FIRST to attend “bullying classes.”

  6. Wilbor says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, Mrs Trump speaks 5 languages English not her primary language, and these dirtbags who can barely speak inglish complain about her accent. What pettiness these liberals exhibit.

  7. Mdic says:

    Be Best & Melania are criticized by THE WORST, typical.

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