Meghan McCain Defends Out-Of-Work Protesters On ‘The View’ After Joy Behar Compares Them To ‘Terrorists’

Thank goodness "The View" has at least one person on the panel who understands the plight of the American worker.

Joy Behar Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain was forced to act as the voice of reason on “The View” once again on Monday, when she defended the out-of-work Americans who are protesting for the country to be reopened.

Meghan said that she was split on the protests happening in places like Michigan, pointing out that her fellow co-hosts on “The View” were looking at this situation from a place of privilege since none of them are in fear of losing their jobs.

“We are all lucky and need to check our privilege that we can work from home from a computer and we’re all gainfully employed,” said McCain. “Nobody on this show has to worry about how we’re going to feed our family, if we’re going to continue working.”

“There are a lot of people in this country who are in pain, who are out of work, who are losing their homes, and I think that when people are scared and are in pain they start to panic,” she added.

This came after McCain’s colleague Joy Behar compared those bringing guns to these protests to “terrorists.”

“They have to understand that they can infect other people. You know to paraphrase Patrick Henry, give me liberty and give me death is what they are basically proposing because a lot of people are going to die because of this behavior,” Behar argued, adding that “self-quarantining, whatever you want to call it, besides distancing and PPEs, has been working. It works.”

It must be nice to be Behar, and get paid millions to spout your ridiculousness on TV, a job that can easily be done from the comfort of her lavish home. She has no idea what working class Americans are going through right now as they struggle to figure out how they are going to feed their families through this crisis, which Democrats seem tone intent on dragging on as long as possible for their own political anti-Trump gain.

Thank goodness “The View” has at least one person on the panel who understands the plight of the American worker. God bless you, Meghan McCain!

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on April 21, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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