Meghan McCain Calls Trump ‘Cheeto Jesus’ And Defends Liz Cheney

Meghan McCain blasted Republicans for “shivving” Representative Liz Cheney because she supposedly won’t “debase herself to Cheeto Jesus.”

McCain delivered the diatribe during a Wednesday broadcast.

“Let’s cut the crap,” she said. “They’re shivving her for her … saying that the election wasn’t stolen and for refusing to debase herself to Cheeto Jesus.”

She accused House Minority Kevin McCarthy of intentionally saying “I’ve had it with her” on a hot mic during an off-camera moment on Fox & Friends.

Recent reports have indicated that Cheney (WY), the number three Republican in the House, could be ousted from her leadership role before the end of the month.

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Meghan McCain’s ‘Cheeto Jesus’ Insult Wasn’t the Worst Thing She Said

Some of the latest reports indicate Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) may be the woman who replaces Cheney.

Stefanik has the support of Trump himself, along with Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

Rather than prop Stefanik up on her leadership credentials, McCain practically accused the GOP of using her on behalf of Trump.

“I feel very defensive of Liz Cheney,” a clearly shaken McCain said. “I promise you there’s going to be consequences.”

“Go ahead in this sausagefest of MAGA up on Capitol Hill!” she continued. “Pull her out and put another woman in who will do anything you want for President Trump.”

McCain then mocked Trump supporters: “The election wasn’t stolen … He’s Jesus.”

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The View’s Token Conservative Had A Liberal-esque Meltdown

McCain seems unable to comprehend that “Cheeto Jesus” insults are just as reprehensible as anything Trump has ever mean-tweeted.

Not to mention the inability to understand that Cheney’s tenuous hold on her leadership role is less about Trump and more about her inability to move on and put the party first.

Remember, it’s the same, as McCain says, “sausagefest of MAGA on Capitol Hill” that supported Cheney despite her impeachment vote back in February. They voted to keep her in the role of leadership, 145-61.

Since then, Cheney has refused to stop talking down to Trump supporters, accusing them of believing “the big lie” that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, has gone after colleagues in her own party who support Trump, and vowed to campaign on impeaching Trump “every day of the week.”

Cheney fist bumps President Biden and seems unable to focus on defeating an administration that supports government funding of abortions, will be taxing the hell out of the American people, and has created a humanitarian crisis at the border.

Meghan McCain’s mom, meanwhile, works for that same administration.

And for some reason they think they can tell you that denouncing Trump – a man who fought to push conservative values as President – is the only way to show you’re a true Republican.

If being a Republican means siding with the Cheneys and McCains of the world, then it’s time for a new party.


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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Meghan and her mother couldn't even take care of her father's dog when her father died. They both need to shut up.

  • Cheeto Jesus. That's sooo special coming from the BIG Cheeto blonde. Meghan you've traded on your Dad's name long enough. He never was at all Conservative. Just a phony rino. He loved pushing that buzzer in Trump's face....causing us all to continue to suffer in ugh affordable care. And now you want to defend Cheney. She is just as infantile as you are... as you continue to dote on the memory of your dad. She acted out of revenge on HER father's behalf. To Hell with our country.
    That's the message from both of you. .

  • What would you expect out if Megan McCain? She is part of the old problem! The View is disgusting! And they don’t even like her!

  • Timothy Naftali, the founding director of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, says: "After his first impeachment and dereliction of duty during the COVID crisis Trump was already America's worst modern president. "I think, as a result of his responsibility for the insurrection on January 6, he has edged out James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson as the worst US president ever."
    William Howell, chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago, says: “I’d put him right alongside Andrew Johnson – who laid the groundwork for the roll-back of reconstruction and the rise of Jim Crow – as the worst. What he has unleashed in our politics is horrifying.”
    In regards to Trump, the question to ask is, "Is it the story of him being a narcissist and a clown – or as an aspiring autocrat who did fundamental and enduring damage to our democracy?"

  • Rarely an original thought from the dumbed-down, indoctrinated, Trump-obsessed, liberal cud-chewer. And when cud-chewer does post an "original" thought, it's as if a dumbed-down 4th-grade child came up with it. Hilarious.

  • Sigh! Here we go again, with your proving what we ALL know, which is undeniable: Your TDS, your obsession with Trump, your radical, leftist bias, your selective "good" research (Ha! Now that's a good one), your snide arrogance for those who disagree with you, and your bad breath and repulsive body odor (have you been hanging out with Michael Moore?) have all come together to make you "Loneliest Man On God's Green Earth". Heard you won 1st Place, pal! Even the little plastic "man" on the cheap plastic trophy presented to you was crying plastic tears, as he was so lonely for a cheap, plastic little friend...but even he passed on you, another cheap, plastic "little man". Heard he gave you the "finger"...

  • Who cares? Looks like she's been puttin' those "Cheetos" away...by the crateful, it would appear.

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