UPDATE: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer takes a victory lap over McConnell conceding on border wall fight:

Basically, Schumer gets everything he wants and Trump and the Republicans get nothing.

Original article:

Senate Republicans have proposed a short-term spending bill to avoid the government shutdown on Friday. The measure contains no border wall funding.

McConnell’s spending plan

President Trump has already signaled that he’s willing to bend on his demand for wall funding, and has pledged to find money for the construction of the wall elsewhere. (RELATED: Sarah Sanders Confirms Trump W.H. Ready to Concede On the Border Wall.)

But, just this morning, the President said that he will “win” on the border wall in the end, while conceding it may not happen this time around. (RELATED: President Trump Vows to ‘Win’ on Border Wall Funding Fight.)

Axios reports:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he will introduce a short-term funding bill that, if passed, will keep the government running through Feb. 8.

Why it matters: It’s unclear when votes will occur, but lawmakers have until Friday to reach a deal. McConnell said yesterday that he has been “in consultation” with the White House, and is confident there will not be a government shutdown despite President Trump’s demands for $5 billion in funding for the border wall.

A bad deal

This latest McConnell plan is bad on all fronts. For one, it surrenders on the border wall fight. Second, it basically guarantees another fight in February when Democrats have full control of the House of Representatives.

Border wall funding is not going to pass a Democrat-controlled House. Period.

If McConnell is going to surrender in the spending fight, why is he only agreeing to such a short-term spending plan? Shouldn’t he, at the very least, give the President some breathing room between budget fights? We’re just going to be in this exact position in a few months, except Democrats will hold more sway over the final outcome.

McConnell proves he’s not serious

This isn’t a serious offer by McConnell. It’s an admission that Democrats, despite holding no chambers in Congress currently, hold all the power.

What a pathetic end to an otherwise lackluster congressional year. Congressional Republicans should be ashamed. And Trump should be verbally pummeling them every chance he gets.