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Sarah Sanders Confirms Trump W.H. Ready to Concede On the Border Wall

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed in a press conference that the Trump administration is ready to relax its hardline position on border wall funding.

Looking for other funding

This morning, Sanders hinted that Trump’s position on border-wall funding may be more malleable than he let on. Initially, the President demanded $5 billion, which was to be appropriated in a new spending package from Congress. This Friday, the government will shut down absent any government funding. Trump is attempting to use this deadline to push his demand for border-wall funding.

Sanders told Fox News this morning that there are other ways to get the funding for the border wall that don’t involve a new congressional appropriation. (RELATED: Trump White House Indicating It’s Willing to Fold on Wall Funding.) Specifically, she said: “We have other ways that we can get to that $5 billion that we’ll work with Congress.”

During this afternoon’s press conference, Sanders reiterated that point, while revealing just what Trump’s plan is for whatever spending package Congress passes, which, presumably, won’t contain his $5 billion figure.

Using other government money to pay for the wall

If Congress won’t do its constitutional duty and protect the country, Trump will pull the money from other sources, including other agencies. Here’s what Sanders said:

President Trump previously said he’d look into using military funds in order to finance the construction of the wall. (RELATED: Trump Confirms the U.S. Military Will Construct the Border Wall if Democrats Refuse Funding.) The opening up of other potential revenue sources increases the possibility of Trump scraping enough money together to actually fund his wall.

If congressional Republicans and Democrats won’t give Trump what he wants, he’s going to find another way to get it done. Which is exactly what the American people elected him to do.