Maxine Waters Claims The Term ‘Rioting’ Is Racist

Maxine Waters

Democrat Representative Maxine Waters says she doesn’t use the term “rioting” to describe violent attacks in our cities because it has racial connotations.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Waters said the terms “lazy” and “criminal” are also racist.

Apparently they can only be applied to people of one race.

“A lot of negative language gets used against black people, describing what whites often believe is true about us: that language includes ‘lazy,’ ‘criminal,’ and ‘rioting,” she said.

The latter two terms apply accurately to those people, regardless of skin color, burning down cities in the midst of the George Floyd riots.

“It’s all negative language,” Waters continued, “used far too often in a description of black people by folks who fundamentally don’t see black people the same way they see whites and others.”

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One has to wonder if the term “low-IQ” is also on her secret list of racist terms. Because, as President Donald Trump has said, Waters is most definitely an example of that.

On some occasions, it is difficult to explain just how much of a walking, talking contradiction of lies the California lawmaker is. This isn’t one of those instances, however.

For, Waters stating that she doesn’t like to call the George Floyd riots ‘riots’ because it is “negative language” used against “black people,” doesn’t quite jive with recent comments.

When the President started discussing the need for law and order to stop those riots, she responded by accusing him of wanting to murder both black and white children.

“Not only is he goading confrontation, this business of calling out the military, now he’s not only talking about killing black people, he’s talking about killing young white children,” she hyperventilated.

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Trump’s Fault

Judging by the above clip – a fantastic racist, anti-cop word salad without ever forming a coherent thought – Waters hasn’t had an active relationship with reality for some time.

She demonstrated as much last week when she blamed Floyd’s death on the President himself, claiming he is the reason police officers feel they can get away with “killing black people.”

“I’m thinking about the way that the president conducts himself — in a way he’s dog-whistling — and I think that they’re [police] feeling that they can get away with this kind of treatment,” she blathered.

Waters says these things because nobody calls her out on it, least of all any media outlets who actually view her statements as some sort of sage advice.

She is a disgrace to the office she holds.

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