Mass Confusion In New York Over Multiple Errors In Mail-In Ballots

New York voters are facing multiple errors with their mail-in ballots, including being sent ballots with the wrong name printed on them.

CNN Journalist Receives Ballot With Wrong Name On It

Some voters in Brooklyn received their mail-in ballots with the name and address of somebody completely different printed on them.

“I just got my New York mail-in ballot today and the security envelope I’m supposed to put it in and sign has some other guy’s name and address on it,” tweeted Nathan McDermott, a reporter for CNN’s KFILE investigative team.

McDermott noted that if he had signed the envelope with the other person’s name or address on it, the ballot would be invalidated.

“Who knows how many people’s vote could be potentially thrown out,” he continued.

While in both Brookyln and Queens, voters received ballots with a severe misprint.

The ballots read “Official Absentee Military Ballot,” instead of “Absentee – Military,” omitting the crucial dash that would distinguish their ballots from those sent to overseas military members.

“There’s just mass confusion about these ballots and what people are supposed to do with them,” City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer told the New York Post.

“This apparent typo just has everyone confused and believing these are invalid ballots,” Van Bramer continued.

“It’s absolutely outrageous that when everyone is watching them, they still screw up the most basic thing, which is printing the ballot correctly.”

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NYC BOE Blames Third Party Vendor

Michael Ryan, the New York City Board of Elections Executive Director, told Fox News that the mistake regarding the military ballots was due to an error made by Phoenix Graphics, a third-party vendor.

“We are determining how many voters have been affected but we can assure that the vendor will addresses this problem in future mailings, and make sure people who received erroneous envelopes receive new ones,” Ryan said in a statement through a spokesperson.

“We will ensure on behalf of the voters in Brooklyn that the proper ballots and ballot envelopes are in the hands of the voters in advance of Election Day so they can vote,” he added.

The NYC board of elections also sent out a hurried tweet, encouraging any voters that received an absentee ballot “with a wrong oath envelope due to an outside vendor error,” to either send them a message on Twitter, or call or email them.

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Unacceptable Mistakes In A Crucial Election

Van Bramer has this exactly right. These mistakes, especially the first egregious one that could completely invalidate somebody’s vote, are totally unacceptable.

It’s not like this is the first error made with ballots this election either.

In Michigan, over 400 Military and Overseas Ballots incorrectly listed President Trump’s running mate as Jeremy Cohen, the Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, who is meant to be on the ticket with Jo Jorgensen.

All these errors, coupled with the lost ballots and potential voter fraud, will make everyone on both sides of the aisle doubt, or even completely reject, the results of the election.

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