Mary Landrieu Faces Tough Runoff; Nowhere to Hide From Obamacare

Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) is in the election of her political life. And if polls are correct, she will lose the runoff election to Bill Cassidy. And she will lose badly. Landrieu’s embracement of Obamacare has cost her significant political capital in the Pelican State.

Not only did Landrieu vote for Obamacare, but she stands by her vote.



Videos of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber are essentially a confession that Democrats misled the public to quickly pass the healthcare albatross. As other Democrats attempt to distance themselves from Gruber, Mary Landrieu has the serious problem of having to face the voters Gruber said are “stupid.”

As Landrieu attempts to hide her political compatibility with President Obama, she is not finding much cover. Her support of Obamacare continues to chase her and may ultimately be her undoing.

In attempt to rationalize the short debate time for the legislation, Senator Landrieu explained that the bill was not quickly voted on but discussed for forty years. In reality, the healthcare debate had been waging for years, but this particular bill was voted on before many could even read it.


“This was an idea that came not out of the Democratic caucus, but out of the Republican caucus. Not out of Democratic think tank, out of a Republican think tank.. the Heritage Foundation. And passed a private sector, market based insurance choice for all Americans.”

Last month, Senator Landrieu blamed racism for Obama’s poor favorability rating in the south. Calling her constituents racists did not translate into success at the polls.  Now she is facing a runoff with a diminished amount of campaign money.

Do you believe Mary Landrieu will retain her seat in the Senate?

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