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Mark Steyn: ‘Everyone Is Colluding With Russia, Except Trump’ [VIDEO]

Henry Rodgers on October 25, 2017

Everyone is colluding with Russia except for President Donald Trump, conservative author Mark Steyn said Wednesday night on Fox News.

President Trump might say “wacky things from time to time,” Steyn said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” but he believes “nothing is as wacky” as the new revelations that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS to investigate Trump as part of a project that led to the infamous dossier compiled by a former British spy.

“Everyone is colluding with Russia except Trump,” Steyn said. “You’ve got the Podesta Group, you’ve got the Hillary campaign, you’ve got the DNC, you’ve got the FBI, you’ve got Christopher Steele, who you credit as an ex-MI6 agent. He’s not just any old ex-MI6 agent, he’s the head of the Russia desk at MI6, which is a pretty big deal.”

Steyn is referencing to a new bombshell report from The Washington Post that reveals Marc E. Elias, a lawyer for the Clinton campaign and DNC, and his law firm, Perkins Coie, hired Fusion GPS last April to investigate President Donald Trump. (RELATED: BOMBSHELL REPORT: Clinton Campaign And DNC Funded Trump Dossier)

The report helps settle a central mystery that has lingered around the dossier since it was published by BuzzFeed on Jan. 10.

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  • No one believes this Russian collusion story, not even the media who is spewing it. As they said, "it's a nothing burger."

    • yes but all the condoments on that nothing burger is Hillary Obama the DNC & the Dem's Trump has nothing to do with it

  • Isn't is crazy how the left and their media propagandists turned a lie into the truth in many peoples minds?

    • only the weak minds we the people that elected Trump as President over Hillary have stronger minds than the fake Media give us credit for. just look at all the good Trump has done for our country. ooh yeh the fake Media don't report any of it, they just report the fake made up leftist negative stuff about him. I cant wait until they all go to jail for the crimes against our country. but it is looking like it will never happen

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