Marco Rubio Crushes CNN Host for His Ignorance about Human Life!


CNN’s Chris Cuomo let his pro-abortion colors impair his journalistic integrity when he interviewed Marco Rubio following last week’s debate. And Rubio wasn’t allowing any of it.

Cuomo, the brother of the radically pro-abortion Governor of New York, attempted to corner Rubio on “reproductive rights” by saying science didn’t know when human life began. The presidential candidate fought back with common sense, painting Cuomo as a clown for not realizing that an unborn child is a human being.

Rubio even pointed out that Cuomo has taken a “radical position” on the stance of abortion.

CUOMO: I know, but you’re deciding when it is human life. Let me ask you something. You – when you’re looking at the future –

RUBIO: No, science has decided when it is human life.

CUOMO: Science has not decided it’s at conception.

RUBIO: No, let me correct you. Science has – absolutely it has.

CUOMO: Not at conception.

RUBIO: Science has decided that when a – science has concluded — absolutely it has. What else can it be? It cannot turn into an animal. I can’t turn into a donkey. That’s the law. The only thing that that can become is a human being.

Cuomo tried to accuse Rubio of allowing his faith to interfere with his stance. Oddly, Cuomo claims to be Catholic, like Rubio, but apparently takes no concern with shredding unborn babies, completely contradicting the faith of which he claims to subscribe. And of course, Cuomo’s argument holds no bearing as you don’t have to belong to any faith to understand that human life begins at conception and an unborn child is a human.

What do you say to those who mock science and claim to not know when human life begins? Please comment below.

H/T: Newsbusters

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