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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Nikola's says:

    All the usual suspects

  2. gsreagan says:

    I would wager a months pay that old socialist “open borders” Georgie Soros and his UN, EU minions and sheeple are a party to this. Crap like this was predicted by old socialist Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto (~1850s) and preached by old socialist and union thug Saul Alinsky in his Rules for Radicals (1971). WAKE UP AMERICA BEFOR WE BECOME THE USSA.

  3. Michael says:

    Let’s just flesh out this story with the obvious names supporting this trashing of the constitution. Donors to all these phony front groups include Michael Bloomberg and George Soros. Soros, by the way is being investigated by several European governments for the hundreds of millions of dollars he has funneled to antigovernment groups there, seeking to replace the current democracies with far lefties. I hope they nail this sucker.

  4. Edwina says:

    The left is organized to grab onto anything anti-American, anti-Trump – nothing is by chance or a last minute idea. We have seen over and over how quickly these fascist groups show up at protests with professionally made signs, t-shirts, some dressed in matching all-black ninja-type clothing and getting off buses in hordes to join the fray – they couldn’t let a mass shooting go to waste in order to further their agenda. Those kids are being brainwashed and used and are too ignorant of what is really going on to understand. Donations from racists like Ophra Winfrey and Hollywood hypocrites like George Cloney are disgusting. We also know many others are a huge part of all this as well…like G. Soros and perhaps Obama. All birds of a feather.

    1. evwimena says:


      Great handle !! Perhaps President Trump is digging down into the core of the CANCER
      that is the shadow government / socialist liberal factions.
      Our Constitution can’t be eliminated as the slimeball factions would prefer. TRUTH is
      an anathema to these socialists.

      “We’ll tell you what to think, what to say, because WE know better !

      Keep your powder dry, brothers and sisters…

  5. David says:

    How could anyone with any common sense think this entire incident and the aftermath was not orchestrated. Yes even the shooting itself.

  6. David says:

    What else would you expect?

  7. Teddy says:

    blame the left all you want.there is no opposition.at least the left have beliefs.so called phoney republicans write books and make money.tey don’t organize.

    1. David says:

      Te organizers and the ruling class has beliefs the rest are useful idiots….. nothing but drones.

  8. duane.p says:

    The left is at it again and the more they keep putting this crap out the more people will be brainwashed. For God’s sake people start thinking for yourself instead of listening to their dribble of nonsense. What news outlet covered the shooting of a student that could have killed a whole lot more if it hadn’t been for the school having a security guard doing his duty in protecting kids. I can just imagine what will come out of that in the next few days!

  9. poppDavid says:

    Yes follow the money. In the 2016 Presidential campaign the NRA spent $54 million in the presidential and congressional races. Of that nearly $20 million went to attacking Democrat Hillary Clinton and more than $11 million to support Republican Donald Trump. With the balance of $23 million going to congressional races.

    1. RAM says:

      Hey poppDavid,you and all of your Commie,Marxist and Socialist buddies, need to STFU!! We Patriots are on to your indoctrination and brainwashing techniques!!

    2. Jerseycat says:

      poppDavid I’ll bet you didn’t waste time following money sent to G Soros funded terrorist groups

    3. David says:

      The only thing wrong with the NRA contributions is that they backed several RINOS.

    4. dynamo47 says:

      How come you never acknowledge that George Soros gave the Hillary Clinton campaign 33 million.
      Your argument is so weak when it comes to stating facts. Your kind will never win over this country.

  10. Wayne says:

    You will know them by who they associate with. These are unAmerican actions by a group of misled kids. If they had a clue about life they might be able to understand what they are doing. But being impressionable young kids who have been fed a constant stream of crap by their teachers, it is no wonder that they are now a group of liberal idiots.

    1. Dominick says:

      Some will learn soon enough when they eventually join the work force and they see their hard earned salary dwindle with the high liberal taxes supporting the neerdowells.

  11. Chris vhfan says:

    Nearly EVERY organized march is paid for by Soros and the DNC , even Charlottesville was a complete setup and the main organizer posing as an alt right person was the organizer for Occupy Wall street .

    All the womans marches are funded by George Soros thats been known from the start . Soros funds Black Lives Matter (Which he also created and instructs) he funds Antifa and many more.

    The fact that Soros hasn’t been thrown out of this country yet is just mind boggling . He openly admits his goal is to destroy this country and he will do whatever it takes to accomplish it .

    He is the one who has the final say on all the bogus stories the main stream media are responsible for on a daily basis and his home base is CNN.

    1. Michael says:


      You are absolutely correct.

  12. Mary says:

    There was a shooting in Maryland a few days ago. The kid shot 2 other kids and was shot and killed by an armed police school guard. He save many more from getting killed…..Many people did NOT hear a thing about this incident. … I guess it didn’t serve the left enough to get publicized too much.

  13. neeckoo007 says:

    Communist sympathizers, NWO and Globalist movements money ! They are always getting funded from their wealthy liberal supporters emerging silently from the shadows , with the help of leftist-liberal media through fake news, lies and manipulation all having the same goal ! GUN AND MASS CONTROL ! Then the next move in the not so far future probably will be the next major global goal : the transformation of America into a leftist , socialist-liberal dictatorship under the same GLOBAL NWO total control !

  14. phillip says:

    All they have to do is NOT GO TO SCHOOL until they have adequate security, In other words a Sheriff officer who doesn’t run and hide unless its a teenage black youth that he can bully around when his other buddy cops get there, When he was really needed , he ran outside and hid behind his patrol car, That is what is sad !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Norm says:

    These leftists are beneath contempt-the vast majority are Soros tools and have the hearts of communists.

  16. Nancy says:

    I’ll admit that I’m an old lady, but things have sure changed since I went to school. If we had of walked out for ANY reason, there would have been suspension, and worse than that when I got home. My parents would never have allowed something like that. I wouldn’t have allowed my kids to do that either. But we were military, and I married military, so I imagine, that in itself makes a big difference. We were expected to act with dignity, and my mother would have beat me half to death if she had caught me out marching, and especially wearing a sex hat too. But that was the other march. Regardless, we had expectations and behaving away from home was almost more important than behaving AT home. We had guns too, and ALL of our neighbors did when we lived on base, and there was NEVER a case of a teenager or anyone using them against someone else.

  17. Yadja says:

    Look let those who don’t want guns, not buy them. Let the states who don’t want their schools protected by guns be unprotected. Let the rest of us alone or get a Civil War cause we have had a belly full.

  18. William says:

    Reminds me of a Child (Children) who don’t get their way and so they pitch a FIT, until they get their way! However, that Crapola didn’t work for my children. It shouldn’t work for them!!!!

  19. Vincent says:


  20. Alexander says:

    Before you step off stomping your feet you take a look at our bill of rights and take time to read the 2nd amendment, then kindly take your children home – I won’t give up any of my bill of rights……..

  21. Bonnie says:

    How do they get their 501c so quickly? Amazing to see groups like this get cleared by IRS and then Conservative groups takes months or years and yet hate groups get it immediately. I guess it is knowing a left-wing Democrat in Congress and you can get it just like getting a clearance if you are left wing and holding up clearances if not.

    1. Alexander says:

      Give Lois Lerner a ring, if your a democrat……..

  22. Charles says:

    These adolescents and their leftist, socialist, Dumbascrap supporters have fooled no one. They will all fail miserably…

  23. Michael G. says:

    They should be marching for their lives and demanding security at schools to stop psychos from entering. I would refuse to go to school until there was adequate armed security that made me feel safe. Just sayin’.

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