This couldn’t stay hidden forever.

A judge ordered the release of video showing a Broward County deputy refusing to enter into the Stoneman Douglas High School while a school shooter took the lives of 17 individuals.

This is, frankly, hard to watch. We all know the horror that happened in the school that day. To see a police officer refuse to enter the building to stop a shooter is downright painful. Just think of the lives lost through inaction.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Broward County Sheriff’s office released new video Thursday of school safety officer Scot Peterson’s inaction during the Parkland shooting.

The sheriff’s office released a statement along with the video, saying “the video speaks for itself.”

“His actions were enough to warrant an internal affairs investigation as requested by Sheriff Scott Israel on February 21,” the statement continues. “After being suspended without pay, Peterson chose to resign and immediately retired rather than face possible termination”

You can check out the video compilation below:

It’ still hard to fathom how an officer of the law, a man paid to protect lives, could just stand there while innocent kids were dying. Brave ROTC students risked their lives helping their fellow students escape while an adult police officer sat on his haunch as the bloody massacre went down. The mind boggles.

We’ve learned that the deputy and his fellow law enforcement officials were actually ordered to stand down and not enter the building. That order was issued by Captain Jan Jordan, who was the commanding officer of the scene.

Regardless, it’s still a disturbing fact that police stood by as students were murdered mercilessly. They would still be alive today had those deputies have actually done their job and protected the innocent.

Now they have blood on their hands. And we have the footage to prove it.

What do you think? Should the Broward County police officers be held accountable for not intervening during the shooting? Tell us your thoughts below!

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