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Lost Boy Writes Message to Dead Father – the Internet Wants to Find Him

lost boy letter

My dad passed away in 1997, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss him… and especially his words of wisdom. When it comes to holidays, him not being around for his grandchildren takes a heavy toll on me that I really don’t share with a lot of people. I wished that he was able to see his granddaughters and how beautiful they have become.

My father was the greatest Santa Claus ever, and if you have read some of my stories here on The Political Insider, you know that at an early age I found out there was no Santa Claus. It didn’t make me angry at my parents to learn that information.

The story of this letter below is about a man who is trying to find a child who wrote a letter to a father who had passed away. Stuart McColl wants to locate the young boy to deliver a great Christmas after he was touched by the words. McColl also wants this letter passed around as much as possible on social media so that they can locate this young boy.

From Love What Matters Facebook Page:

A child’s Christmas letter to their father who passed away was found in a field, attached to a balloon in Dunfermline, Scotland on Monday.

Stuart McColl, who found the letter, is determined to find the boy who wrote it and provide him with everything on his Christmas list. He is determined to give the boy a very special Christmas. Please share this post and if you have any information on who wrote the letter, please reach out.

Read the letter here:

lost boy letter

Reading this letter, I know you just want to grab this young kid and give him the most humongous hug ever. I hope they find him before Christmas and I hope that they are able to deliver to him one of the best days he ever had, because he really deserves it.

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