Antifa Knocks 56-Year-Old Man Unconscious While Leaving Pro-Trump Party

man attacked antifa

Can you imagine how bizarre it would be to protest a party? What group of people would show up to protest as hundreds are inside drinking, dancing, and having a great time?

That was the situation I found myself in on Saturday at Mike Cernovich’s “A Night for Freedom,” which he held in New York City to celebrate the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. This ironically coincided with the Women’s March, so I found myself surrounded in a sea of liberal feminists in the train ride over to Penn Station. As the party raged on, a few dozen antifa lunatics protested outside, chanting “Nazis go home” at the event which was hosted by a Jewish man. The NYPD did a spectacular job in locking down the event and protecting attendees, pushing back the masked protesters to the end of the block.

There were plenty of familiar faces at the party: former Fox News regular Gavin McInnes, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, YouTube star Stefan Molyneux, among others. Chelsea Manning also made a surprise appearance, claiming afterwards to have been there to “crash” the party. I had spoken to her during the party, asked why she was there, and she told me she was there to “crash it,” but it sounded sarcastic.

Admittedly, I was surprised that not long after our encounter she’d post to social media in support of the antifa nutjobs protesting outside of the party.

It was 60 degrees out, so I’m not sure where she got the idea that it was cold out.

While I don’t believe the tweets are linked because she had no way of knowing at the time, her tweets were sent right after a 56-year-old man was randomly strangled (unprovoked) and punched by a 30-year-old antifa member while leaving the event. I had unknowingly spotted the aftermath as I exited the event after hailing a cab (while surrounded by police). As we drove up the block, we spotted an ambulance and medics treating an unconscious man on the corner, but weren’t aware that what we’d witnessed was the aftermath of an assault that occurred just minutes prior.

According to Breitbart,

The man was reportedly leaving the event when he was set upon by members of “Antifa,” who are classified as a domestic terrorist organization by U.S. security agencies. He is currently in a stable condition at Bellevue hospital.

One Antifa member involved in the assault, David Campbell of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, was arrested on charges of assault, strangulation, criminal obstruction of breathing, resisting arrest, criminal possession of a weapon, and loitering.

The aftermath of the incident was captured on film by The Wrap’s Jon Levine.

What a juxtaposition, right?

Chelsea Manning attends a party where not a single person agrees with her beliefs and doesn’t even have a wise-crack made about her. Meanwhile, a man nearing retirement says nothing while walking down the street outside a pro-Trump event and gets assaulted.

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