‘MAGA Marjorie’ Taylor Greene Slams Dan Crenshaw For Funding Ukraine While Americans Struggle

Marjorie Taylor Greene hammered fellow Representative Dan Crenshaw over his vote to provide $40 billion in aid to Ukraine even as Americans are struggling with high prices and access to baby formula.

Marjorie Taylor Greene hammered neoconservative Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw over his vote to provide $40 billion in aid to Ukraine even as Americans are struggling with high prices and access to baby formula.

Her comments followed Crenshaw (R-TX) making accusations of Greene (R-GA) ‘siding with Russia’ by not supporting the aid package.

The congresswoman has been solidly against continuing funding of Ukraine during the Russian invasion, instead taking an America first approach by pointing out this own nation’s struggles and needs.

“The American people do not support paying for constant US involvement in foreign affairs while our own government leaders FAIL our own country,” she tweeted earlier this week.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene and Dan Crenshaw Battle Over Ukraine Aid

The Twitter dustup between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Dan Crenshaw began when the latter posted a tweet lamenting fentanyl overdoses in America being on the rise.

“Biden doesn’t care,” he wrote.

Esteemed political commentator Some Twitter rando named ‘Chigg Bungus’ fired back at Crenshaw saying, “Yeah you sound off about that stuff but then you vote yes on the $40 billion to Ukraine.”

Crenshaw was compelled to reply.

“Yeah, because investing in the destruction of our adversary’s military, without losing a single American troop, strikes me as a good idea,” the Texas Republican explained. “You should feel the same.”

Crenshaw was heavily ‘ratioed’ over the comments with many conservatives firing back from an America first perspective.

Greene chimed in with her own criticism of Crenshaw’s thought process behind the Ukraine aid package.

“So you think we are funding a proxy war with Russia? You speak as if Ukrainian lives should be thrown away, as if they have no value. Just used and thrown away,” she charged. “For your proxy war?”

“How does that help Americans? How does any of this help?”

Rather than address her questions, Crenshaw returned fire by going with the Democrat/MSNBC/neoconservative playbook of accusing Greene of essentially being a Putin puppet.

“Still going after that slot on Russia Today huh?” Crenshaw responded.

That alone was evidence that Greene had bested the Texas congressman in the debate. But Greene hit back regardless, using actual evidence that the Ukraine aid package is a waste of taxpayer funds that are sorely needed by the American people right now.

“Sanctions aren’t stopping anything, but they are driving inflation and fuel prices,” she wrote.

“I refuse to vote for useless measures that cause problems but solve none,” added Greene. “While you send $40 billion for your proxy war against Russia, I’m focused on baby formula for American babies.”

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Crenshaw Siding With the Squad?

The $40 billion aid package to Ukraine – which provides both humanitarian and military aid – was passed by a 368-57 vote.

The 57 ‘nay’ votes were all Republicans, with Marjorie Taylor Greene being one of them. Dan Crenshaw voted in favor.

The Political Insider’s own Becky Noble jabbed Crenshaw along with other high-profile GOP members who enjoy face time in beating up President Biden, but then provide him with taxpayer money to fund a proxy war in Eastern Europe.

“The next time folks like … Crenshaw … House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Steve Scalise (R-LA), or Elise Stefanik (R-NY), find a TV camera to get tough on the Biden administration, remember,” Noble writes, “they voted with every member of the Squad to fund the Ukraine border before the U.S. southern border.”

As for Crenshaw’s response – it’s obviously a weak and pathetic cheap shot. Not the first in his career, however.

In an interview on “Fox & Friends,” fairly recently, the congressman accused conservatives who oppose intervention in the Ukraine invasion of “using Putin’s talking points.”

Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy, in a segment with Crenshaw, said there is some divide in the Republican Party over whether or not to get involved with the Russian invasion.

“That’s what a lot of people say and they do repeat Putin’s talking points and that’s a problem,” he dismissed. “When they start repeating Putin’s talking points and repeating lies about Ukrainians.”

“I’m not repeating Russian talking points, and I think I represent the way a lot of other conservatives feel,” Campos-Duffy rightly fired back. “I don’t think they’re repeating Russian talking points.”

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“I think on the Republican side saying they’re repeating Russian talking points shuts down conversations and does not allow us to have a robust debate which we should be having,” she added.

Crenshaw doesn’t want that debate. Especially after Marjorie Taylor Greene just handed him his ass.

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