Lowery Destroys Protesters Who Interrupted World War II Vets Medal Ceremony: ‘You’re an Idiot’

National Review editor Rich Lowery appeared on The Kelly File last night, and absolutely destroyed the group of ignorant protesters who interrupted a medal ceremony for 100-year-old World War II Vet, Dario Raschio.

Raschio was being awarded medals and a Capitol flag for his service when about 100 protesters barged in shouting “hands up, don’t shoot.”

Raschio himself knocked the protesters down a peg or two, telling them they needed to “show a little respect for this occasion.”

Lowery blasted the protesters, saying “I’m sorry, you’re an idiot.”

Watch below …

Lowery added the following:

“When you’re in a room with a man like that, the thing you should do is sit down, shut up, and maybe you’ll learn something. And this disruption of brunch? Now the path to social justice goes through eggs benedict and french toast? It’s completely ridiculous and there’s a reason Megan that even Oprah Winfrey, who sympathizes with this movement, has criticized it for being so leaderless and purposeless.”

What do you think of Lowery’s statements? Are the protesters idiots who need to learn a thing or two from our American heroes?


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