Lori Lightfoot Packs A Lunch Box And Heads Off To Harvard Where She’ll Teach Health Policy And Leadership

Proving once again that the Crimson of Harvard is where brain cells go to die, former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been named a Senior Leadership Fellow at the Ivy League university for this coming fall.
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Proving once again that the Crimson of Harvard is where brain cells go to die, former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been named a Senior Leadership Fellow at the Ivy League university for this coming fall.

Why, is anybody’s guess. But let’s give the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health an opportunity to explain.

“Lightfoot served as mayor of Chicago from May 2019 to May 2023,” they write. “She made history as the city’s first African American, female, and open gay mayor.”

Gotta love the grammatical error in a Harvard press release.

But there it is. The opening argument for her credentials as a fellow at the once prestigious university are: A) Her skin color. B) Her gender. and C) Her preferences in the bedroom.

Which is pretty ironic considering Lightfoot claimed she lost her reelection bid recently – the first Chicago mayor in 40 years to lose re-election – because of those same traits.

A reporter goaded her by asking if she was treated unfairly because of her race and gender to which she dutifully responded: “I’m a black woman in America.”

From being victimized to getting an undeserved job in just three months due to race and gender. What a country!

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Lori Lightfoot Teaching Leadership At Harvard

I mean, whatever happened to applying for the job and arguing your actual credentials in say health and/or leadership? Don’t fret. Harvard mentions a little bit of that.

“During her term, she worked to safeguard public health and minimize economic impact from the COVID-19 pandemic and tackled health equity issues,” they write.

It would be easy to laugh at such claims but readers of The Political Insider know Beettlejuice Lori Lightfoot, just as Harvard claims, was super-serious about safeguarding public health during the pandemic.

She did, after all, once dress up as a superhero called the “Rona Destroyer” and handed out candy to reporters.

Health and leadership are on full display right there. Wonder if she’ll cosplay for the Harvard students.

Lightfoot’s leadership during the pandemic also led her to “cancel” Thanksgiving for Chicago residents in 2020 even as she celebrated maskless in the streets after the election.

Of course, masking and social distancing proved fruitless and ultimately silly in retrospect. A true leader would come forward, take off their cape, and admit to their mistakes.

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Lori Lightfoot’s Leadership

Byron York, chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner and Fox News contributor, broke down the hilarity of Harvard thinking Lori Lightfoot is qualified to serve as a “senior fellow.”

“Thousands of people were killed and wounded in the violence that marked Lori Lightfoot’s disastrous term as Chicago’s mayor,” he tweeted. “Now, Harvard has hired her to teach a course called ‘Health Policy and Leadership.'”

Lightfoot’s entire term as mayor of Chicago was basically the dog from the “This is Fine” meme, and Harvard took one look at that history and decided, “We really need her here as an example of fine leadership.”

It’s not the first time Harvard has hired ragingly incompetent people or accepted them into their institution despite being miles away from the intellect typically required at even the lowest-level colleges.

Harvard accepted David Hogg into the fold a few years ago, an anti-gun zealot who once thought then-President Donald Trump had called the parents of illegal immigrants “coyotes.”

Because, it would seem, he had no idea that a coyote is a person associated with drug cartels that is paid to smuggle illegals across the border.

Hogg actually graduated from Harvard last month, which is an indication that the prize in your cereal box is about as valuable as a diploma from that university.

Brian Stelter, who both looks like and has the intelligence of a potato, was also named a Harvard Kennedy School’s Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellow.

His job – discussing “threats to democracy.”

With Stelter, Hogg, and Lightfoot, all Harvard needs is Kamala Harris or Joe Biden – hopefully after 2024 – to complete their very own Mount Rushmore of stupidity.

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