Lori Lightfoot Blames Being a ‘Black Woman in America’ For Her Historic Reelection Loss

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her reelection bid Tuesday and blamed the only thing she knows for the historic loss - racism.
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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her reelection bid Tuesday and blamed the only thing she knows for the historic defeat – racism.

Lightfoot became the first Chicago mayor in 40 years to lose re-election, failing to make the runoff as she came in third place with just 17.1% of the vote.

Rather than engaging in introspection, self-analysis, and a little bit of soul searching, however, she blamed racism for the loss.

During her concession speech, Lightfoot praised her record on crime despite its consistent increase under her watch, and despite it being viewed as a significant factor in her defeat.

One reporter goaded her by asking if she was treated unfairly because of her race and gender.

“I’m a black woman in America,” she replied. “Of course.”

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Lori Lightfoot’s Loss Isn’t Due to Racism

Interestingly enough – and Lori Lightfoot might not be aware of this – but she was actually a ‘black woman in America’ when she became the first openly lesbian black woman to serve as mayor of a major city in the United States in 2019.

So the same people who were open-minded enough to usher her in as Chicago mayor four years ago are suddenly racist again.

There’s Lightfoot’s world, and then there’s reality.

Even CNN points out that growing “crime concerns” led to her demise.

“Concerns about crime and public safety have rattled Chicago,” CNN writes. “Violence in the city spiked in 2020 and 2021.”

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Who’s the Actual Racist in This Equation?

While America isn’t racist against black women, Lightfoot is known for some racially charged rhetoric and actions herself.

Just last week Lightfoot channeled President Biden and told black voters that if they don’t support her, they might as well not vote at all.

“If you want them controlling your fate and your destiny, then stay home,” she told supporters of other candidates. “Then don’t vote.”

In 2021, Lightfoot granted interviews on the two-year anniversary of her inauguration “only to Black or Brown journalists.”

White reporters were excluded from speaking to the Mayor on that day.

Critics celebrated Lori Lightfoot’s historic loss on Tuesday.

“Lori Lightfoot,” wrote Marjorie Taylor Greene. “Crime doesn’t pay.”

Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany jabbed Lightfoot and recalled comments the mayor made calling her a ‘Karen’ when she worked as press secretary for Donald Trump.

“Hey, Karen. Watch your mouth,” Lightfoot said after McEnany called her “the derelict mayor of Chicago” at a press conference in 2020.

“Lori Lightfoot lost her election,” McEnany tweeted on Tuesday.

“Perhaps she should have woken up when I referred to her as the “derelict mayor of Chicago” from the White House podium for ignoring victims of crime in her city! Instead, she said “Hey, Karen. Watch your mouth.”

During a segment with Fox News host Sean Hannity, McEnany quipped: “Karen here, you lost.”

She did. And it had nothing to do with her being a black woman in America.

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