This Little Girl With a Bone Disease Needed a Savior – and Found a Hero!

trump little girl

Megan was just 11 years old and facing the challenge of a debilitating bone disease. She was lonely and tired from facing everyday life with Brittle Bone Disease.

She went on the Maury Povich show looking for a friend, and Maury introduced her to another little girl with the same disease – Tiffany.

But after the show, Megan also made another new friend who saw her story and knew he needed to act – Donald J. Trump!

Trump saw Megan’s story and made a special video for her:

I think you are so beautiful, both inside and out, I had a little something, a little gift that I gave to Maury, who’s a friend of mine… and I hope you and your mother have a good time with it. And you’re very special, and you just keep it up and keep up that attitude. So good luck, and you stay in touch.

Trump’s heartwarming message wasn’t the only thing – he also gave Megan and her mother a check for an amount so large, they were too embarrassed to even say it out loud!

Maury mentions that Trump “is one of the most generous people I know.”

This is the true Donald J. Trump that the whole world knows – kind, generous, and always willing to lend a helping hand. It wasn’t until he ran for president against Hillary Clinton that he magically became “racist” and “sexist” and “bigoted.”

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