Limbaugh: Election Will Be Like 2016 With Conventional Wisdom Proved Wrong

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has said this election will end up like 2016, with conventional wisdom about who will win proved massively wrong.

Limbaugh: “It’s Always Wrong And It Is Groupthink”

Speaking to Fox and Friends on Tuesday, Limbaugh said this election was especially important, as it will “determine what kind of country we have going forward.”

He slammed the narrative that the media was pushing, that the election was some sort of guaranteed, landslide Biden victory.

“I look at the conventional wisdom and I make it a point never to follow it,” Limbaugh said.

“It’s always wrong and it is groupthink. Why you want to go along with what everybody else thinks?” he added.

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“Everybody thinks it is a bunch of Democrats that hate Trump showing up because they hate the guy and they can’t wait to vote against this and that’s what the media has been telling us,” Limbaugh continued.

“A Whole Different Way Of Looking At This”

“They are fed up with the way he has been lied about, they are fed up with this Russian conspiracy hoax and this impeachment hoax, they are fed up with the attempts to destroy this country via Antifa and Black Lives Matter and they are tired of watching the cities burn,” he argued.

“They’re tired of watching Democratic governors and mayors shut down their cities and states. What’s to say this early voting isn’t a bunch of Republicans and Trump supporters showing up to get it out of their system?” he asked.

“I think there is a whole different way of looking at this. It is my way of looking at it and I welcome everybody to join me in my way of looking at this because my way is victory, my way is Trump winning and preserving the American way of life,” he concluded.

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Who Says Conventional Wisdom Is Wisdom?

Limbaugh, who is currently dying of cancer, has been urging his millions of loyal radio listeners to re-elect President Trump today.

“This is not the old ‘Republicans versus Democrats,’ where we all have the same objectives, just different philosophies on how to get there,” he said in October.

“They do not have those objectives any more. Their purpose is to erase the Constitution, start over rewriting it, eliminating the concept of ‘The citizen has rights which prevail over government,'” he added.

“It’s serious, and it’s scary, and we don’t have a choice,” he argued. “You have to get out there and vote Trump.”

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Limbaugh may also very well be correct about conventional wisdom.

One serious way the media could be wrong involves the overestimation of minority voters coming out for Biden.

Multiple polls have shown that Trump is well up with Hispanics and Latinos, along with black Americans too.

These polls are not the only evidence in favor of his hypothesis.

The Trump campaign massively outweighed the Biden campaign in gaining newly registered voters in key battleground states, like Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona.

And in Florida today, a state that pundits predict will go blue, Republican turnout could very well flip the script.

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All of this combined together suggests the conventional wisdom, as Limbaugh said, really isn’t wisdom at all.

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