Hispanic Voters Turning On Biden – Could Cost Him The Election

To begin with let’s get context straight, there is no such thing as the Latin or Hispanic vote. We put it that way in the headline to translate it from the incorrect popular political parlance into a proper context that even Joe Biden gets right. And if he can…

Biden In Danger Of Losing Latino Vote

The Latin or Hispanic vote doesn’t exist such as, taken as a totality, the white vote doesn’t exist. Both southern white men and Jewish white men are considered white. But they vote very differently. Thus whites are not politically monolithic. Same with Latins. Putting aside for the moment that they culturally loathe each other with a passion unmatched in human terms, different Latin groups vote differently.

Cubans and South Americans vote Republican. Puerto Ricans and Mexicans vote Democrat, though Trump is doing better than expected this year with those traditional Democrats. Latin society and culture have very little sympathy for weak men and tend to like strong “macho” leaders. Biden is obviously a weak individual and the president just as obviously, like him or not, is no shrinking violet. Ergo the Trump advantage here.

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So, to recap: When Republicans are talking about Hispanics they mean Americans of Cuban and South American heritage. When Democrats are talking about “latinos” they actually mean Puerto Ricans and Mexicans.

Some pollsters still can’t help speaking of the Hispanic vote. It makes it easier for the lazy and ignorant in that profession. Here, in a Florida poll, Hispanic means mostly Cubans and South Americans and some other Latins for the South Americans to look down on.

Biden Hasn’t Reached Out To Latinos Enough

Even race-hustlers aren’t thrilled with the Democrats this year. UnidosUS (Latin lobby group) leader Janet Murguía, says the Biden campaign has not reached out to Latinos enough, “The (Biden) campaign needs to reach out to Latinos directly and specifically, and ask for their votes … we haven’t seen enough of that yet.”

In 2014, Murguía, who was then president of the National Council of La Raza (seriously misnamed race hustlers, as Latin is an ethnicity, not a race) called Barack Obama the “Deporter-in-Chief” during her speech at the organization’s annual gala. She was referring to the 2 million illegal immigrants who had been deported from America under Obama’s tenure. Okay, give her that one.

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Biden has also been underperforming among Hispanics in Florida not just now, but over the past three months according to RealClearPolitics.com. Democratic National Committee’s communications director Xochitl Hinojosa said on Monday that Biden has made an effort towards Hispanics.

“We’ll continue to ask for their votes and I respectfully disagree (with Murguía) because I think that we are doing that currently,” Hinojosa told media. Hmmm, with a name like Hinojosa he says “their votes?” His abuelita (grandmother) would kill him if she heard him talking like that. Mine would do the same if I randomly forgot my heritage.

“You see [the effort], especially in a place like Florida, where we have expanded our team,” Hinojosa said. “One thing that is significant is when the Biden [campaign] made their general election buy, they invested in not only Spanish language media, but, a lot of Latinos also watch TV in English. My parents are Latino and they are watching news shows like yours today and others.” Only his parents are Latino? Then, what does that make him? Hmmmm…

Regardless of the protestations of Mr. Hinojosa, the president is on track for serious slice of the combined Latin vote. He’ll take big majorities with the Cubans and South Americans and in the 30 percent range with the others. In certain swing states, that could help very much.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on September 9, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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