Trump Beating Biden In Voter Registration In Key Battleground States

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The Trump campaign is winning the battle of voter registration in key states, netting over 444,000 new voters across AZ, FL, NC and PA.

Biden Campaign Focusing On Virtual Outreach While Republicans Knock On Doors

With President Trump closing on the lead that his opponent, Joe Biden, has in the polls, it seems his more significant advantage is in the battle for voter registration.

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The Trump campaign claims to knock on 1 million doors a week.

This is in sharp contrast to the Biden’s campaign focus on “conversations they can have virtually,” ditching their ground game completely over fears of the coronavirus pandemic, as NPR reports.

This may very well come back to bite the Democrats in the rear-end.

The research couldn’t be more clear: Get Out The Vote campaigns are often very crucial when it comes to determining the winner of elections.

It would certainly explain the significant difference in the uptick in voter registration between the Trump campaign and the Biden campaign, especially in key battleground states.

President Trump won 6 states by less than 5 points in 2016.

Out of those 6 states, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, and Pennsylvania, all allow voter registration by party affiliation.

And in all of them, the voter registration numbers are far stronger than they were for the last election.

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Voter Registration Figures Are Crucial, And Vastly Different Between The Campaigns

To give one example, the sunshine state of Florida, between March and August, 195,652 new voters came onto the electoral roll for Republicans, compared to 98,362 for Democrats.

In 2016, Republicans only added an extra 182,983, and Democrats gained 163,571.

The same pattern is repeated across Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Arizona.

What this shows is that perhaps this isn’t necessarily a victory for the Trump campaign, but a failure for the Democrats.

The Republicans are keeping up their solid GOTV campaign from 2016, and the Democrats are sorely lacking.

In each of these states, the margins of error are so close that neither side can afford to lag behind the other.

NBC writes that Democrat strategists are “deeply disturbed” by the lack of in-person outreach that is leading to these huge differences.

In this most crucial of elections, decisions in campaign strategy like this, are likely to have a huge impact.

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