Liberals Try to Stop Bed, Bath and Beyond from Carrying Ivanka Trump Products

For months, angry liberals have been trying to harm Ivanka Trump, merely because her father is the Republican President.

Last October, supporters of Hillary Clinton and socialist Bernie Sanders started the #GrabYourWallet campaign, which is an effort to boycott all stores that carry Trump brand products or Ivanka Trump products. Apparently, they feel the need to attack a brilliant businesswoman who shattered glass ceilings and created a worldwide company.

One of their latest efforts backfired big league, when they tried to stop popular company Bed, Bath and Beyond from carrying Ivanka’s products.

A supporter of the#GrabYourWallet campaign emailed the company, and a customer service rep replied that Trump merchandise would no longer be carried. While the liberals celebrated about what they saw as a huge coup, they were about to get a reality check when Ivanka’s supporters chimed in:

Following a social media outburst, Bed, Bath and Beyond on Saturday denied claims it dropped Trump’s products, posting a written apology on its Facebook page and insisting the representative “inadvertently provided information to a customer that was not accurate.”

“We are not making our merchandising decisions based on anyone’s political beliefs. We have Ivanka Trump products in some stores and carry them where consumer demand and business performance justifies it,” the company wrote.

If you don’t believe how angry these liberals are, just take a look at this:

Bed, Bath and Beyond isn’t the only company targeted by the boycotters. Nordstrom dropped Ivanka shortly after the election and faced a backlash from angry customers.

Despite the setbacks, in early March Ivanka’s clothing line was reporting record sales.

Sadly, boycotts aren’t the only thing far-left extremists are doing to attack Ivanka. Just last weekend, radicals held a “gay dance party” in front of Ivanka’s DC home in order to protest global warming. (They’re not very bright.) At least one of Ivanka’s neighbors wasn’t happy about the loud communists in the neighborhood:

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