Ivanka Trump’s impressive fashion brand has been pulled from Nordstrom. The company claims it was due to sales, but their executives recently made comments about the refugee travel ban.

The company’s decision isn’t going unnoticed by Trump supporters. Now, shoppers such as Kelly Pinzon and Lynda DiPasquale are joining thousands of others in a boycott of Nordstrom, and some are even cutting up their Nordstrom credit cards over the moves.

According to Breitbart:

Andrea Lafferty, a conservative leader who is also the president of the group Women for a Great America, told Breitbart News she is done with Nordstrom’s too.

Lynda DiPasquale, a New Jersey Nordstrom’s shopper, cut up her card over this.

“I just cut up my Nordstrom platinum card as I refuse to waste thousands of dollars to support a company that mixes their politics with my fine shopping experience,” DiPasquale said in an email. “On the bright side…my husband will be THRILLED.”

Lee O’Connor, another woman who used to shop at Nordstrom’s, won’t anymore.

“Store credit cards are an unnecessary nuisance, so I don’t have a Nordstrom’s card to shred,” she said in an email. “But I won’t be spending any of my hard-earned dollars at Nordstrom’s or any other store that caves to pressure from the Left to stop carrying the beautiful and affordable items in the Ivanka Trump Collection.”

So is Kelley Pinzon, another previously loyal Nordstrom’s shopper.

“After 28 years of customer loyalty, I will shred my Nordstrom card by the end of the week if y’all do not start selling Ivanka Trump products again,” Pinzon said in an email. “Please stop selling political messages and sell merchandise. I want to see Ivanka’s line restored.”

The article mentions other shoppers who are upset and no longer shopping at their once-favorite store.

And, as a publicly traded company, Nordstrom could see swift backlash from shareholders after this boycott continues into 2017.

What do you think about shoppers boycotting Nordstrom? Will you join them? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.

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