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LOL! Liberals Love GOP Tax Plan When Told It’s Bernie’s

Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re tribal beings, and that’s especially the case when it comes to politics.

Most people don’t have enough time to research every issue there is out there, and for most, it’s simply easier to default to whatever the Party position on an issue is. After all, people trust those who share their ideology more than ideological “outsiders.”

On the issue of tax reform that’s certainly been the case, especially given the current unpopularity (in the polls) of a tax plan that gives 80 percent of Americans a tax cut. When the percent of the media’s Trump coverage that’s positive is in the single digits, it’s clear what’s inspiring the misguided opposition.

In fact, it’s relatively simple to get someone to love the tax plan. Just tell them that a liberal was behind it.

As the Daily Wire reported, conservative commentator Ami Horowitz recently took to the streets of the “liberal Mecca” East Village to see how die-hard progressives felt about the Republican tax reform bill that Democrats have literally declared “the end of the world.” Horowitz asked several passersby for their reaction to specific measures in the bill and, shockingly, found they they uniformly loved it — well, at least when presented as the “Bernie” tax plan.

“The Republicans recently voted on a new tax proposal, and, predictably, the Democrats didn’t like it,” says Horowitz in the intro of the digital short. “But what if they thought the Republican plan was actually Bernie Sanders’ proposal? We presented them with the Republican tax plan and pretended that it was in fact Bernie’s plan.”

Those he interviewed opposed Trump’s plan, but what about that exact same tax plan presented as Bernie’s? That’s when things get funny.

The people who just blasted the Republicans’ plan tell Horowitz they like the idea of most families of four making $50,000 or less not having to pay any taxes at all, doubling the child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000, people with mortgages of over $750,000 having to pay more, keeping the Obama-era clean energy tax credits, and at least one guy even seems okay with the idea that “Bernie” was lowering corporate taxes.

Watch below: