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Liberals Wish Death Upon Barbara Bush

The country received tragic news yesterday when it was announced that former First Lady Barbara Bush will stop seeking treatment for her various maladies and will instead seek comfort as she passes her remaining days.

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This is incredibly sad news. Barbara Bush is not just beloved by the American people and her family, the White House help also has nothing but respect and admiration for her as well.

How unfortunate it is to lose someone so important to American life. But, of course, liberals never waste an opportunity to wish death and dismay on their political opponents. Immediately after the news about Barbara Bush, liberals took to Twitter to urge her to give up the ghost sooner rather than later. Here, by far, is the worst example of liberal callousness:

How beautifully tolerant and caring. Unfortunately, it only got worse from there:

Disgusting liberal bigotry. What’s new?

Are you surprised liberals had nothing but vile things to say about Barbara Bush? Tell us your thoughts below!