If you’ve ever seen a “man on the street” video, you know how funny they can be. I just saw one where the host fooled liberals into admitting they like President Trump’s tax plan, by telling them it was actually socialist Bernie Sanders’ plan. But it got me thinking… how does this happen so often?

Political psychology perfectly showcased

One of the more interesting political books I’ve read recently was Jonathan Haidt’s “The Righteous Mind,” which explores the psychology of political disagreements between conservatives and liberals. In one chapter of the book, he highlighted a study showing that people tend to tune out other people once they realize that the other person speaking to them either belongs to, or is espousing an ideology contradictory to their own.

That psychology is just what documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz used to fool liberals into supporting the Trump tax plan. The result is truly remarkable.

Watch below:

Isn’t it amazing? Now just think: all of these people go to the polling booth in order to vote against the very plan they support.

And liberals should support Trump’s tax plan!

The liberal hysteria about the Trump tax cuts has clearly failed to materialize. Immediately after the cuts were passed, a wave of companies began offering $1,000 bonuses to their employees (which Nancy Pelosi called “crumbs”), and that was just the beginning. Business spending immediately exploded following the Trump with cuts, with the 500 corporations that compose the S&P 500 index spending $167 billion in the first quarter of the year, which was the fastest pace in seven years and a record for a year’s first quarter.

This has been accompanied by record-low unemployment, particularly among blacks and Hispanics. Hilariously, Hillary Clinton predicted that the Trump tax cuts would result in over three million lost jobs. If Trump’s tax cuts are reducing unemployment, it’s obvious what Hillary’s tax hikes would’ve done had she been elected.

In June of 2017 the CBO said GDP growth for 2018 would be just 2%. Now they project growth will be 3.3%. Barack Obama didn’t go a single year with growth exceeding 3%.

No wonder he didn’t wait until after he left office before he started taking credit for the economy.

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