Liberal Scientist: I Like Obama, But He’s Wrong On This HUGE Issue!

Freeman Dyson

Let’s see – in a battle of wits, are you going with this world-renowned physicist, or Barack Obama?

Freeman Dyson, a leading physicist, mathematician, and scientific intellectual, blasted his fellow liberals on global warming alarmism, saying that the dangers “have been greatly exaggerated.”

In an interview for The Register, Dyson freely admits to being a huge Obama supporter.

“I’m 100% Democrat myself, and I like Obama,” he explained.  “But he took the wrong side on this issue, and the Republicans took the right side.”

Dyson didn’t stop there, saying that those who have politicized the science are “blind to the obvious facts,” use predictive models that are growing less accurate over time, and embrace global warming in the same manner that other past thinkers embraced similar “irrational beliefs.”

In other words, liberals just got their a**es handed to them in the most scientific and nerdy way possible!

Via the Daily Caller:

Renowned physicist and self-described Democrat Freeman Dyson said President Obama is wrong about global warming.

“I’m 100 percent Democrat myself, and I like Obama,” Dyson told The Register in an interview published Sunday. “But he took the wrong side on this issue, and the Republicans took the right side.”

Dyson lamented scientists are ignoring “obvious” facts about global warming, and continue to conflate air pollution — which he says is not behind global warming — with carbon dioxide, which is not technically a pollutant.

“How does it happen that a whole generation of scientific experts is blind to obvious facts?” Dyson asked.

Dyson went on to theorize that the effects of carbon dioxide on humans and the planet in general have been “greatly exaggerated.”

“The benefits clearly outweigh the possible damage,” Dyson claims.

So not only is President Obama pretending to ‘lead’ on an overblown issue such as climate change, but the lack of scientific evidence is causing him to fight the effects of something that might actually be beneficial to mankind according to this scientist.

Why is the President such a science denier?

Comment:  Are those pushing the global warming phenomena ignoring “obvious” facts?  Is climate change a real issue for America?

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