Liberal Reporter Asks Snarky Question… and Perry CRUSHES Her

Many of us watch politicians we support take questions from reporters and everyday citizens during on-camera interviews. If there is one thing most of us desire when we see “our guy” mishandled or purposely made to look weak is a textbook comeback that puts the interviewer in their place. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gained national attention, and many supporters, a couple of years ago when his responses to “gotcha” questions were met with a confident response.


During a candidate forum in New Hampshire last week, Texas Governor Rick Perry showed some of the same no-nonsense flair when a member of the studio audience “concerned” about “corporate campaign contributions” decided she wanted to extend her time and have a back and forth with Perry. He did not back down from this gotcha moment.

Watch the video:

Rick Perry has my respect. The moderator was trying to calm it down but he didn’t give an inch. Conservatives in this country need to realize that we are in a “street fight.” They don’t play by the rules of respected society. Needless to say this woman will be interviewed on MSNBC very soon as a person standing up to Ricky Perry.

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H/T: Truth Revolt

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