Liberal Piers Morgan Blasts the Left’s ‘Snowflake Culture’

In a sit down interview with conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, liberal television personality Piers Morgan said the Left has become “unbearable,” citing a “snowflake culture” that has become as intolerant as what liberals criticize.

Morgan’s comments occurred during a broader discussion of Brexit and populism in Europe. The British-born Morgan populism is rising because “liberals have become unbearable.”

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‘Snowflake Culture’

“Liberals have become utterly, pathetically illiberal. And it’s a massive problem,” Morgan said. “What’s the point in calling yourself a liberal if you don’t allow anyone else to have a different view?”

“This snowflake culture…the victimhood culture, you know, everyone has to think a certain way, behave a certain way, everyone has to have a bleeding heart and tell you 20 things that are wrong with them and I just think it’s all completely skewed to an environment where everyone’s offended by everything and no one’s allowed to say a joke,” Morgan continued.

Morgan’s comments come in the wake of Vice President Mike Pence recently calling out college campuses over “safe spaces,” “free speech zones” and other anti-First Amendment policies which are now rampant on campuses nationwide.

“We expect our institutions of learning to respect that and respect diverse views on our campuses, and create an environment that is conducive to learning,” Pence said, also noting that that “safe spaces” and “free speech zones” are “antithetical to the process of learning.”


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Liberals Want a ‘Humorless Void Where Nothing Happens’

Morgan bemoaned that extreme political correctness now prevents comedians from hosting awards shows due to some off-color joke from their past, specifically citing actor Kevin Hart being disinvited from hosting the Oscars.

“The liberals get what they want, which is a humorless void where nothing happens, where no one dare do anything, or laugh about anything, or behave in any way that doesn’t suit their rigid way of leading a life,” Morgan said. “No thanks.”

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Piers Morgan is Absolutely Right

Morgan is telling necessary truths.

Liberals of a different generation believed in big government but also the basic civic rights of freedom of speech, association and a dozen other positions that made clear our society should allow for a wide diversity of views.

Today’s liberals are “illiberal” as Morgan contends, in that they consider any speech they don’t agree with hate speech. They want to shut free speech down.

The Left today wants everyone to purely conform to their worldview or be cast aside. Zero freedom. No diversity. No real exchange of ideas, as Mike Pence lamented.

That’s no way to live. That’s not America.

Piers Morgan is right. “No thanks.”

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • Obama was our first ‘Snowflake President’. Couldn’t take a joke unless he was making it. It all started with a comment about his ‘dumbo’ ears. But then again, his whole presidency was a freaking joke!!!

  • Snowflakes are extremely insecure, which is one reason they want to control everything and everyone in a futile effort to overcome their own shortcomings. They fuel their own ridiculous fires which will ultimately lead to their demise while forgetting that snowflakes melt when their surroundings heat up. That's another mental condition which is self destructive. Darwin will have proven them wrong in the end.


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