Liberal Hypocrisy on Trump’s Temporary Travel Ban Exposed

Liberals lie about everything. I mean, absolutely everything.

Their playbook is pretty simple: When Democrats are in charge, whatever they do is good.

Then, when Republicans are in charge, those same things that were good are now all of a sudden bad. But they never describe anything as just “bad.” Those very same things they supported are now the worst things in the world.

Just take frauds like Goofy Liz Warren, who just got busted paying her female staff way less than her male staff, all while screaming about how Republicans are evil because of the “gender wage gap.”

Nancy Pelosi, who has spent months upon months ranting incoherently about Donald Trump’s tax returns, but she was investigated by 60 Minutes for using her position to make herself wealthy.

For almost a decade, liberals protested and paraded in the streets to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but said absolutely nothing about Obama’s wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, or Afghanistan.

But to really bring the issue home, we have to look at immigration.

Liberals have been furious, comparing Trump to Hitler. They pretend that the temporary restrictions from just 6 countries is a “Muslim ban,” even though 90% of the world’s Muslims aren’t affected at all.

The worst part is, the countries listed in the ban weren’t even put together by Trump. They were put together by Barack Obama.

Obama created the list in 2015. Where was the outrage? That’s the problem with liberals. They’re lying about pretending to care about the temporary travel ban. They will use anything as a political cudgel against their enemies, no matter how transparently stupid or hypocritical it is:

It’s just tiresome. When you hear the phrase, “liberalism is a mental disorder,” you really do have to wonder what’s going on in the minds of these lunatics. Are they fooling themselves? Or are they totally aware they’re being hypocrites, and doing it anyway?

Which would be worse?

The point is, it’s for our side to shine the light and expose them for who they are. Remember all the protests and Hitler comparisons when Obama banned Iraqi refugees?

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