During an interview on Meet the Press, Mark Kelly – the famous anti-gun astronaut and husband of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords – said “middle-aged white men” with decreasing life expectancy are clinging to guns.

Kelly continued, describing passionate Second Amendment supporters as people who live in “middle America” who “make less money than they used to.”

The comments came after host Chuck Todd discussed the difference between “the gun culture in rural America” and the way guns are viewed by elites in the ultra-liberal northeast – those far more accepting of big government.

Todd asked, “I know that you want to try to get the East Coast, or urban America, to understand the gun culture in rural America. How do you translate that to the president?”

The astronaut turned anti-gun activist then proceeded to put his foot squarely in his mouth:

The president and I have talked about this. When you look at places in middle America, people who make less money than they used to. I mean, I just saw this blog entry by [CNN’s] Fareed Zakaria the other day, that the one area is middle-aged white men where life expectancy is going down. So you have this segment of society that just feels like they’re losing things, and they look at gun issues and their right to own a gun as one of those things that they might be losing.

Guess what Mr. Helper, killers will be killers. Eliminate the first time offenders to start with.

Check out Mark’s input into the gun control argument. Remember, he met with Obama about possible solutions:

For some reason they would rather take away your right to defend yourself and they aren’t going to be there to save you.

Ground control to Major Mark, take your protein pills and put your helmet on! How about you just stick to promoting science and space travel, space cadet?

Hillary Clinton believing aliens once visited and now an astronaut working on gun control issues, this administration has flown the coop!

H/T: NBC News, Tucson Weekly

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