Let’s Check In On Communism: Cuba Raising Gas Price To $20 A Gallon

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We have far-left Democratic politicians who want to bring full blown socialism to the United States. They’re not ashamed of it, some of them even refer to themselves as socialists.

They say capitalism is bad. They say free markets are wrong.

Is $20 a gallon for gas wrong? Because that’s the state of communism in one of the world’s last bastions of the defeated ideology.

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In the communist country of Cuba, the regime is going to deliberately raise the price of gasoline to astronomical heights.

Jalopnik reports, “The Cuban government has announced that it will be raising the country’s fuel prices by over 500 percent in February. Pump prices will spike from 25 Cuban pesos to 132 pesos per liter, according to the BBC.”

The story continues:

To use figures more relatable for us Americans, the prices are jumping from $3.94 per gallon to $20.86. The sharp increase paired with the opening of 29 gas stations that will exclusively accept U.S. dollars serve as a government attempt to bolster the country’s struggling economy.

It’s not a complete surprise that Cuba’s communist government is opening dollar-only gas stations. The U.S. dollar is the most widely used currency in international trade, and Cuba’s foreign currency reserve is heavily depleted. The government is hoping to use revenue from these new stations to purchase fuel on the international market.

This is what communism gets you. This is what socialism gets you. Even during the worst days of Bidenflation, our nominally mixed-market economy held gas to (for the most part) less than $5 per gallon.

And that was crushing for middle-class Americans. $20 gas would grind our entire country to a halt.

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There’s a Reason Cubans Flee for America

The radical leftist idea that we should somehow replicate this kind of socialism in the U.S. is something the overwhelming majority of Americans would never stand for in practice.

Cubans have regularly tried to illegally enter America on rafts in shark-infested waters for a reason.

No one in America is trying to do the same to get into Cuba.

There’s a reason for that.

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