Left Cancels Columbus Day Around The Country

Their attempt to rewrite history proceeds apace.


In their Orwellian campaign to stamp out any thinking that does not follow a hard left narrative, various PC warriors choose to ignore American and international history, not to mention slur millions of Italian-Americans, by pressuring local governments into putting an end to traditional Columbus Day celebrations.

Though thankfully, some Americans have not gulped the kool-aid on this.

Columbus Day Celebrations May Be Hard To Find

The Wall Street Journal has details:

“Columbus Day celebrations this year may be hard to find. Traditional festivities and parades have been drastically scaled back because of the coronavirus, and fewer Christopher Columbus statues remain standing after protesters toppled or defaced some of them this year.

In Chicago, the city’s parade was canceled, as was a big luncheon typically held by the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans. The committee’s plans instead include a small, socially distant rally Monday at a park where a Columbus statue had long stood. The city temporarily removed the explorer’s bronze likeness in July, citing concerns about the safety of protesters and police.”

“We’re still going to celebrate to a level we can,” said Sergio Giangrande, the Chicago committee’s president. “We’re not going to not celebrate Columbus Day, that’s for sure.”

The Left wins on this one. Here they are crowing about it.

“Columbus represents genocide, white supremacy, religious intolerance and a host of other issues, including slavery,” said Roberto Borrero, president of the United Confederation of Taino People and a supercilious idiot.

“Italian-American pride should not supersede my community’s pain,” added Borrero, who works as a diversity consultant for nonprofits.

Ah, so there it is. The lad is a race hustler. He likely could care less about Italian-Americans or Columbus one way or another. It’s his gig to be a vicious cretin and professional victim.

The historical film flam artist compared Columbus statues to Confederate flags. “It may be historic,” he said, “but it’s not something to be uplifted.”

Which is interesting, because Borrero would not have his fake career if Columbus hadn’t landed, as he would be running around the Caribbean in a loin cloth.

To me, that is uplifting. Maybe not to him. Oh, David! How can you say that?! Well, as a direct descendant of South American Indians I can say what I please on this topic. And anyway, the Tainos were suckers.

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Columbus Citizens Foundation Fights Back

Marian Pardo, president of the Columbus Citizens Foundation, which organizes New York City’s annual Columbus Day parade, said the festivities, “…are emotional markers of the legitimization of Italian-Americans in the United States. Columbus has been unfairly maligned and toppling statues of him amounts to an attempt to put Italian-Americans back in their place.”

Bingo. Can’t have a holiday, and even months, to celebrate some groups but deny it to others. Gee, wouldn’t that be called bigotry?

Kris Lane, a Tulane University history professor, said Columbus wasn’t as horrible as the Left projects, “He was not good to Native American people, there was no doubt about that. But he’s definitely not out of step with the times.”

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Spanish conquistadors who came after Columbus were much more brutal, Lane also said. That’s a legitimate objective analysis.

But the whole thing is less about Columbus specifically than it is about left wing attempts, succeeding all over the country, to delegitimize American history and thus America. Hopefully one day Americans will regain enough national pride to recover Columbus and with him our patrimony.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on October 11, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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