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Laura Ingraham Says ‘Mobile Mob’ Of Migrants Caravan Massing To Overwhelm US Border Patrol

Nick Givas on October 23, 2018

Fox News host Laura Ingraham called the caravan of migrants from Central America a “mobile mob” that’s trying to “overwhelm” the U.S. southern border.

“One thing is clear, they know that there is protection in numbers — that if they flood the zone they’ll be able to overwhelm border patrol officials as they did in Guatemala and in Mexico,” she said on “The Ingraham Angle” Monday.

“It’s no wonder the mobile mob feels emboldened,” Ingraham continued. “After vowing not to allow them through Mexico, Mexico, its police force is actually now providing an escort to the migrant caravan, if you can believe that.”

Ingraham said the average American is against letting the caravan of migrants cross the border and sees it as an invasion.

“If they come illegally, guess what? Most Americans think it’s not fair. And Donald Trump knows this,” she said. “When he says he wants to stop this mobile mob, a lot of people calling it invasions — most Americans see it as not just an economic burden and it is one, but a flagrant flouting of the rule of law as well.”

Ingraham said allowing the caravan to cross the border would be a slap in the face to those who are waiting in line for citizenship and to homeless American veterans who need assistance.

“Like [Supreme Court Justice Brett] Kavanaugh, it does come down to a basic sense of fairness,” she said, adding:

“Not only would allowing this crush of people into our country be an insult to the millions of Americans who went through the legal process, how is it fair to those Americans who need assistance today and are not getting it? Like the 40,000 homeless veterans on the street on any given night.”

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  • Declare act of war..................handle it. Women and children ? Ask our vets if women and children murder our soldiers. The nation is under threat, they has been asked to stop , they replied, "You can't stop us ". We have a job to do, they are intending to invade. Only one choice.............stop them.

  • Why are they coming to the US carrying the Honduran flag, and BURNING and DEFACING the US flag? If they are trying to flee their country, why carry that flag. If they are trying to come here to improve their life (as they say) whey deface and burn our flag? The whole things stinks of demorats.

  • Mine the US side of the border. Fair warning signs = result is on the illegal border crossers, not us.

  • I did notice they all have new shoes new hats and their cloths are not in a dirty way. They must have a store on wheels following. I'm sure they can't afford to eat out so how are the finding food. I do not feel sorry for them they should of never left there country. None of then look poor in weight. Something is wrong with this picture.

  • Newspapers worth their salt would be down there in the middle of the mob learning where they sleep, what they eat, where they poop, and who gives them the cash for the trip. That was the old days of newspapers. The current crop of biased 20-somethings is too busy bashing Trump.

  • The Caravan, including the Mecicants, Bangladeshis and ISIS moles, all appear well fed and in possession of sailfoams.
    Who, excactly, is feeding them, transporting them and re-charging their phones ?
    Could it possibly be...SATAN...or his servant SOROS ?
    Let's decapitate Soros to see if that stops the Caravan...and a lot of other (((nation wrecking))).

  • These people claim to want to come to America for asylum, so, why do they carry a flag of pride for a country from which they are escaping? These same people claim to be "fighters and workers." America does not need "fighters" who disparage our President, nor provide a race conflict of massive financial and political detriment to our nation. This does not even consider the infiltration of everything we do not want in America which will exacerbate not only crime but foreign spies and terrorists. These people are an invasion, an invasion of massive proportions for extending civil disorder, political animus, a financial burden of such outrageous amounts that could be better used to take care of our poor children, vets, homeless, and elderly. These people are not escaping, they are looking for a better life at our expense, our sacrifice, our endemic and ethos as a nation. Only fools do not see the damage this invasion will and can cause America; our future is being played out by those who have no vested interested in our nation. They come simply (illegally) to TAKE WHAT THEY CAN GET (FREE), there is no respect for our laws or our country - who's flag do they fly - certainly not ours!

  • They're foreign invaders. Napalm and machine guns are an appropriate solution to an invasion..

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