Laura Ingraham hasn’t seen her fortunes sour after a boycott of her advertisers was organized by Stoneman Douglas school shooting survivor David Hogg. As The Political Insider previously reported, Ingraham is maintaining the top spot in her timeslot, despite some advertisers leaving.

Since the beginning of the boycott, Ingraham’s ratings increased 20%. Ingraham’s ratings went from 2.23 million the week prior to the boycott, to a significant 2.7 million following her vacation amidst the controversy. Even some liberals, such as Bill Maher, came to her defense.

In total, 27 companies stopped advertising on Ingraham’s show, but clearly, it’s to their own detriment. Not only are they missing out on an audience 20% larger, they’re known by Ingrahm’s audience as the companies that took the side of an internet lynch mob. And on her radio show earlier this week, Ingraham blasted the companies that “gave in to the mob.”

As BizPacReview reported:

“They will not stop until they drive you all into submission, and you’re too either shortsighted or, frankly, stupid to see it,” Ingraham said in a segment during her nationally syndicated radio show on Monday as she ripped into the hypocritical left using the example of Kevin Williamson, the conservative writer for The Atlantic who was fired earlier this month over his abortion views. “They can’t argue with you so they demonize you,” she said. “OK, well, keep demonizing me. Go. Bring it on.”

Advertisers ditched “The Ingraham Angle” after she mocked the 17-year-old survivor of the Feb. 14 mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. But the attack from Hogg, with help from liberal watchdog group Media Matters which helped circulate the list of sponsors and posted Ingraham’s latest comments online, backfired as the Fox News show saw an increase in ratings. “Meanwhile, our ratings are sky-high on Fox, by the way,” Ingraham explained on the radio show. “Our ratings are up, up, up, up, up. Among 18- to 34-year-olds, our ratings, I think, are up 47 percent since the boycott.”

Ingraham did single out one advertiser who stood by her during the boycott for praise: Mike Lindell, the “My Pillow guy.”

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