MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell: I Won’t Be Bullied By Davig Hogg’s Boycott

MyPillow Laura Ingraham

It took a while, but level-headed Americans are starting to stand up to the wannabe liberal bully, David Hogg, and his attempts to get Fox News host Laura Ingraham fired.

Earlier this week, the network itself, after an onslaught of advertisers jumped ship for a harmless joke Ingraham had retweeted about the ‘survivor’ of the Parkland shooting, issued a statement of support.

“We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts,” Fox said.

Now, at least one company is openly supporting Ingraham and telling the gun-grabbing leftist Hogg and his backers to shove it.

Mike Lindell, CEO of those wildly popular MyPillow products and commercials, said he won’t be swayed by bullies, proudly declaring his support for Ingraham and her show.

Hogg had previously tweeted out a Media Matters-gathered list of advertisers for the show which included a link to the MyPillow company account.

Hogg’s fans, emotionally immature individuals with little better to do than boycott things, were to call those companies and harass them into dropping their sponsorship of Ingraham’s show.

Lindell however, said ‘not so fast.’

“I did not take my advertising down from @IngrahamAngle and @FoxNews, nor do I intend to,” Lindell defiantly tweeted.

Lindell has a modest following and typical tweets get less than 100 retweets and around 500 likes.

At the time of this posting, his support for Ingraham had over 15,000 retweets and nearly 50,000 likes.

Support for Lindell’s stance came in droves …

Lindell previously refused to back down to lefties when advertisers dropped Fox host Sean Hannity after he interviewed Roy Moore this past November.

“MyPillow has no plans to change its advertising,” Lindell said of Hannity’s show.

He’s also been a long-time supporter of President Trump, declaring in October of 2016 that “He’ll be the most amazing president this country has ever had.”

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Source: Washington Times