Fox News Takes A Stand – Responds To Laura Ingraham Backlash

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Fox News essentially just called liberal activist David Hogg a bully.

Hogg, who wanted to play big boy in an interview in which he called NRA members “pathetic f***ers that want to keep killing our children,” but suddenly decided he was just an innocent, peace-loving child again when Fox host Laura Ingraham mocked him over his failed college applications, implemented a boycott of her advertisers.

“What are your biggest advertisers?” he asked. “Asking for a friend.”

The effort led to several advertisers, many whose executives have no idea what was being said other than hearing pseudo-outrage because a delicate child had been mocked, dropping their ads on Ingraham’s show.

For her part, Ingraham quickly apologized for the joke but Hogg rejected it saying “a bully is a bully and it’s important that you stand up to them.”

The host eventually took a vacation for one week while many speculated that she may be fired.

Jack Abernethy, co-president of Fox News, however, issued a statement of unwavering support for Ingraham and slammed Hogg’s attempts to shut her down as an “agenda-driven intimidation effort.”

That’s just a fancy way of accurately describing Hogg as the one thing he allegedly hates – a bully.

“We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts,” Abernethy said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times. “We look forward to having Laura Ingraham back hosting her program next Monday when she returns from spring vacation with her children.”

Noted anti-gun advocate Piers Morgan and no fan of Ingraham’s politics, hailed the decision and called Hogg’s actions an “absurd over-reaction.”

Even CNN’s Brian Stelter slammed Hogg’s attempts to get Ingraham off the air:

“My view is let’s not shut down anyone’s right to speak,” he said. “Let’s meet their comments with more speech. Let’s try to respond that way.”

Isn’t that how big boys and girls debate in this country?

Perhaps somebody should let Hogg know that’s how we deal with adult topics in America. Had he stayed in school, he might have learned that.

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