Parkland Survivor Interrogated By School Security For Visiting Gun Range

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Unlike his classmates, Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv has tirelessly defended Americans’ Second Amendment rights, and on Friday, he went to the gun range with his father to learn how to properly handle a firearm for the first time.

“It was great learning about our inalienable right of #2A and how to properly use a gun,” Kashuv wrote on Twitter. “This was my first time ever touching a gun and it made me appreciate the #Constitution even more.”

Kashuv also shared video of him firing and learning about an AR-15. “Facts matter. I wish the facts of guns were more known,” he wrote.

Unfortunately, because gun-grabbing liberals are triggered even by the safe, proper usage of guns, Kashuv’s classmates at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School took umbrage with him posting about his visit to the gun range. And when Kashuv arrived at school on Monday, he found himself in the crosshairs of not one, not two, but three officers from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Kashuv issued a statement on what transpired to The Daily Wire, and you have to read the whole thing to believe it (emphasis mine):

Near the end of third period, my teacher got a call from the office saying I need to go down and see a Mr. Greenleaf. I didn’t know Mr. Greenleaf, but it turned out that he was an armed school resource officer. I went down and found him, and he escorted me to his office. Then a second security officer walked in and sat behind me. Both began questioning me intensely. First, they began berating my tweet, although neither of them had read it; then they began aggressively asking questions about who I went to the range with, whose gun we used, about my father, etc. They were incredibly condescending and rude.

Then a third officer from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office walked in, and began asking me the same questions again. At that point, I asked whether I could record the interview. They said no. I asked if I had done anything wrong. Again, they answered no. I asked why I was there. One said, “Don’t get snappy with me, do you not remember what happened here a few months ago?”

They continued to question me aggressively, though they could cite nothing I had done wrong. They kept calling me “the pro-Second Amendment kid.” I was shocked and honestly, scared. It definitely felt like they were attempting to intimidate me.

I was treated like a criminal for no reason other than having gone to the gun range and posted on social media about it.

Kashuv later tweeted about the incident, saying, “I can now check off being wrongfully questioned by law enforcement off [my] bucket list.”

The actions of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office here are nothing short of Orwellian. Officers assumed Kashuv posed a potential threat to the school based on absolutely nothing except that he supports the Second Amendment and posted on social media about going to a gun range with his father. Are his First and Second Amendment rights somehow negated just because he’s a school shooting survivor who happens to think for himself?

Broward County Public Schools and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office have not responded to requests for comment about their actions.

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