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These Officers Handled This Daycare Emergency Like Champs! I Never Saw It Coming!

kindergarten cops

Do you remember “Kindergarten Cop” with Arnold Schwarzenegger – playing the role of a cop-turned-teacher in a classroom of youngsters that took him to the limit of his sanity? Now imagine three police officers who fight crime all day and chase after robbers babysitting a group of daycare kids after a huge emergency left them in charge.

Three Canadian police officers took on the role of babysitters at a local daycare after the provider sustained a medical emergency and had to be transported to the hospital.

The officers took care of the children by giving the balloons to play with, creating play-doh fries and even did some sing-a-alongs. These officers did everything possible to make sure these kids had the best of times, meanwhile, taking away the stress of the emergency.

From Victoria Buzz:

On Tuesday, November 8th, three West Shore RCMP members took on the role of babysitters at a local Langford daycare, after the provider sustained a medical emergency and had to be transported to hospital.

According to the West Shore RCMP, the officers attended the daycare home and provided babysitting services to the four young children.

“Those services included playing with balloons, singing songs, making French fries out of Play-Doh and above all, making sure those children were well-looked after while trying to make contact with parents to come and pick up their children.”

Kirsty Armstrong said her son was one of the toddlers at the daycare and that he had a blast with the officers, “They did an amazing job while we drove to pick him up. Such a positive experience for them. Police made a potentially scary situation for the kids fun!”

The daycare provider was taken to hospital by ambulance as a precaution and the little ones enjoyed the unexpected playdate with the RCMP members.

All parents were notified and attended to pick up their children.

I am not afraid to leave my daughters with the police in my district. I know they have my family’s safety as their number one job. But I will say, covering a daycare could be brutal. I remember those days watching “ALL THOSE KIDS” running around. It reminded me of a little city.

Once again we witness law enforcement officers answering the call for immediate assistance and excelling the only way we believe they know how, with flying colors.

What do you think about this great story? Do you feel if you were an officer, your experience would have been that pleasant? Share your voices below in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this great story on your Facebook/Twitter page.