‘Kill the NRA’ Billboard Shows Up In Kentucky

A blank billboard was vandalized in Kentucky recently with the clear anti-gun liberal message – ‘Kill the NRA.’

Leftists are now openly advocating for people to go out and commit acts of violence against members of the National Rifle Association.

We defy any gun-grabbing, Second Amendment-loathing lunatic to name the NRA members involved in any of these mass shootings. Facts, as John Adams once said, are stubborn things.

That didn’t stop a group known as ‘Resist 45’ (which is roughly 40 higher than any of their members can count) from painting the message on a billboard along I-65 in Louisville.

The group has been branding several blank billboards in the area with the name ‘Resist 45.’

This is the first time they have called on people to kill law-abiding citizens, however.

The NRA isn’t taking the threat lying down, posting a picture of the billboard and issuing an ominous warning to their members.

“This is a wakeup call,” the group wrote on their Facebook page. “They’re coming after us.”

We are just months removed from a deranged leftist shooting at Republican lawmakers on a softball field in Virginia. And we now live in an environment where leftists in the media are openly cheerleading kids who call the NRA “child murderers.”

They won’t rest until someone from the NRA or someone from the Republican Party is intentionally targeted (again).

What do you think about this ‘Kill the NRA’ billboard? Share your thoughts below!

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • The truly tolerant are being bullied by "liberals" who claim to be intolerant of bullies but feel that their insistence that no one be exposed to any activity, idea or topic they, themselves. refuse to engage in or be exposed to is sufficient justification for censorship and prohibition and, if needed, violence.
    Those who are discomforted, insulted and offended by other's statements or non-intrusive actions are not mature adults; their adherence to tolerant liberalism includes not only an adamant belief they are absolutely and invariably CORRECT but a visceral intolerance of those who dare to disagree - especially if the wrong-headed are capable of defending their positions in open debate and are willing to do so. Any reasoned, logical, coherent presentation is anathema and greatly feared; relying on feelings and mental constructs is much more comfortable.

    Societal symptoms of the reasonably tolerant majority succumbing to liberal bullies:
    1. Kindergarten students get suspended for hugging.
    2. Sex Ed is taught in grammar school levels but public displays of affection are prohibited in Middle & High Schools often in the same schools that distribute free condoms.
    3. A High School education purports to produce prepared adults but puritanical dress codes are enforced at High School Senior Proms and tools in a car trunk can lead to suspension.
    4. Parents are being held responsible for their teen's actions but parents are barred from interfering with their teen's sex related medical decisions.
    5. Equality has become the Holy Grail but some protected classes are more equal than others.
    6. There is no constitutional right of “Freedom of Discomfort” but the “feelings” of the perpetually indignant are allowed to trump constitutionally protected Freedom of Speech especially in academic settings.
    7. The proponents of zero tolerance refuse to see any parallel or hypocrisy when they also support anti-bullying programs.
    8. “Political Correctness” is based on subjective feelings, this is considered a much better basis for action and assessment than the more objective, but archaic, bases of “Common Sense” or “Reasonable Person”.

  • Yessir, this is the liberal way - use violence. I wonder if they advocate using guns to perpetrate the violence?

  • Good luck with that. Make sure you have a picture ID on you so they can identify your bullet riddled body.

  • Kill with WHAT!?!? A pop gun? A paper clip? I get you first...and so will any law-abiding gun owner whose life is in danger from any of these pin-headed retards. Odd how they say they oppose violence - as long as it is done with a gun...!?

  • Seems a bit odd don't you think? Those who seek this travesty are supposedly not holding weapons and are advocating killing those who are. Seems to me to be bit of a one sided fight. Don't you think so?
    Message to the posters of those messages on the billboards "Bring it on - Come at me bro

  • Ha,Ha,Ha, how stupid can liberal-communists sympathizers can be ! Get a real life guys ! Or move to Russia or Cuba !

    • I do not think they can get a real life. On the contrary, they will lose their lives if they try to do harm a gun carrying NRA member. They are so foolish, it makes me laugh.

  • As a Kentuckian, just wondering, how they think this will turn out? Most of us ARE armed and THEY are NOT.

    • stageangel, what makes you think they're not armed? They are. They just don't want you to be because armed people fight back.

      • LibTurds want to make America SAFER for BLM, Criminals, and GangBangers. Meanwhile, open up the borders and let all of the Illegals and Terrorists in too!!!!

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