Kevin McCarthy Confronted About Attending State Dinner With a ‘Beaming’ Hunter Biden and Merrick Garland

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy evaded a reporter's question about attending the same White House state dinner with Attorney General Merrick Garland and Hunter Biden.
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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy evaded a reporter’s question about attending the same White House state dinner with Attorney General Merrick Garland and Hunter Biden.

The event was held in honor of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and comes amidst shocking revelations of the President’s son allegedly using his father’s name to threaten a foreign national over a six-figure payment.

Hill columnist Judy Kurtz tweeted that either she or another reporter asked the Speaker “about Hunter Biden and Merrick Garland also being on the guest” list for the state dinner.

“I look forward to taking my daughter-in-law for the very first time to the White House,” McCarthy dodged, adding, “every state dinner I brought another member of my family.”

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Kevin McCarthy Attends Same State Dinner as Hunter Biden, Merrick Garland

In a video of his entrance to the same state dinner Hunter Biden and Merrick Garland attended, McCarthy conveyed positive sentiments about Prime Minister Modi and lauded the strong relationship between India and the United States.

But didn’t mention the President or his son.

The New York Times asserted that the “mix of political adversaries” at the dinner created a scene unable to mask “the bitterness of political discord.”

They report that McCarthy and Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA), the only two Republicans in attendance, “didn’t seem to want to talk politics.”

Scalise quipped, “It should be an interesting dinner.”

Several other members of the Biden family were reportedly in attendance at the state dinner as well.

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Hunter Was Loving It

While McCarthy and Scalise seemed a bit uncomfortable talking at the White House state dinner, Hunter Biden seemingly wasn’t feeling any shame over the reports on his corruption, a potential DOJ cover-up, or his recent plea deal.

“Photographs and video captured of Hunter at the White House appear to show that the first son was all smiles as he milled around and spoke to several guests under the tent erected on the South Lawn for the event,” the New York Post writes.

“At one point Hunter was spotted embracing his sister Ashley Biden and giving her a kiss on the cheek.”

The outlet’s headline states: “Hunter Biden beams at WH state dinner also attended by Merrick Garland amid alleged DOJ coverup in tax fraud case.”

It’s a big ol’ party on the taxpayer’s dime and Hunter Biden is living it up. And so are McCarthy and Scalise.

Six months ago, McCarthy attended another state dinner with Hunter Biden on site. A reporter asked him how it feels to attend such an event with Biden as a guest. He dodged then as well.

“Well, I’m at dinner with my mom. So I’m going to have a great time,” he said, escorting his mother away.

Hunter Biden shook McCarthy’s hand at that event and engaged McCarthy’s mother remarking that she looked “beautiful.”

“I’m a friend of your son’s,” he added according to the New York Times.

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