Remember Ken Bone? His Son Was Just Suspended For Going To A Gun Range

Ken Bone son

Remember Ken Bone? The mild-mannered man in a cozy red sweater who asked a question about energy policy at the second presidential debate and instantly became an internet sensation? Well, his son was reportedly suspended from his high school and is currently under police investigation for visiting a gun range.

It all started Tuesday when Bone tweeted a photo of his son “learning to shoot safely under my supervision.”

Incidentally, Bone shared the photo in support of Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv, who’d tweeted that he’d been interrogated by members of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office after visiting a gun range with his father. Little did Bone know that just over two days later the same thing would happen to his own son – but worse.

When another Twitter user asked Bone if school officials had suspended his son “immediately” after seeing the photo, Bone replied that his son wasn’t even aware he’d been suspended.

If Bone’s claim is true, it’s yet more proof that “1984” is quickly becoming a reality. Schools have absolutely no jurisdiction to regulate what their students do off campus in their own private time, and Bone and Kashuv were both engaged in perfectly legal and safe behavior, with their fathers and under supervision.

What exactly was their offense? Was it that they both were learning to safely shoot an AR-15, the weapon most despised by gun-grabbers? Or was it that they were expressing support for the Second Amendment at all?

Whatever the case, neither the Broward County Sheriff’s Office nor Bone’s school had the jurisdiction to reprimand, intimidate, and punish them for expressing their Constitutional rights to free speech and bear arms.

Source: Hot Air

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